There are groceries and then there are groceries. We want to help you one-up yourself when it comes to what you're putting into it. (It you!) (If you don't know what that means, find + ask a teenager.)

So, where do you get your food?

Our crystal ball tells us your most likely response is, "The grocery store, of course!" But today we chaaallenge you to broaden your horizons and consider answering the same question with these local stores offering premium care + food with an intention! This isn't an exhausted list of the local grocery stores in town, but these are the ones on Towny (and that means, the ones who are offering YOU perks starting now!) 

    1. Cream of the crop. Quite literally. Mill-King Market & Creamery provides you with milk + milk products free of antibiotics, hormones, additives, and preservatives. It's just milk. All natural and just the way nature intended it. Aright, aright, aright, aright – I can get on board with that. Their farm shop carries everything from local honey to pecans to the cheese + ice cream made with their milk. You can view a full list of groceries here. This is a shop you're NOT going to want to miss! We are utterly sure of it! (Okay, dad joke. Sors.)

    2. A stop by Torres Meat House is like seeing family. These guys, you guys. They'll carry your products out to your car. They serve people like quality is their JOB. They are Waco's #1 for marinated meats. It's their specialty. Prices you can't beat + service like you're a prince(ss). Go get 'em and by 'em we mean: ALL THE MEAT. Stop by today if you can! 

    3. Off the beaten path, perhaps, but always a winner – Homestead Heritage Market. This spot seeks to provide customers with the finest locally sourced, natural and organic foods. Local, family-operated farms, gardens, and orchards are the source of this Central Texas bounty. The butcher shop features an ACE selection of locally raised grass-fed and all natural beef and lamb, authentically pastured chickens and eggs and high-quality fish. Also on hand are delicious, artisan baked goods, organic milk, butter, and cream, cleaning supplies and more. Shop for your needs + be ready to be impressed! 

    So maybe a meat-run don’t fit neatly into your schedule of “grocery shopping,” but today we're nudging you to ask yourself: why not? Should you desire to feed your body with something that comes from a little closer to home, let the Towny app be your guide to all grocery-carrying local stores and more (+ FREE perks to boot!). Get it before you go!