What’s bright, colorful, bouncy, and fun for kids and adults alike? Can’t put your finger on it? We’ll give you a hint...it’s Blazing Bouncers in Lubbock! If you haven’t been to Blazing Bouncers, you’re in for a real treat. This locally owned and operated bounce house is perfect for children’s birthday parties, field trips, and best of all for letting those kiddos let out that unrelenting stream of energy.

Blazing Bouncers founder and owner Brent Tyson is a Lubbock local who loves what he does and loves running a business with deep roots in the community. He was more than happy to share the story of how the business got started, what they specialize in today, and what Lubbock locals can look forward to in the future.

Where did you get the idea to start Blazing Bouncers?

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“We were originally a small business that delivered inflatable bounce houses. Over time, we realized there were lots of places in Lubbock where you can take the kids for a party, but not the entire family. So, that’s what we specialize in.

We opened a facility, we got out of the delivery business, and we put all of our bounce house inventory indoors. With opening this facility, we decided we didn’t want to build a business that just had bounce houses. We wanted variety and ways for younger kids to be able to use their imagination. So, we started building some of the little buildings and the little play structures that are here now.”

What do you like about being a local business in Lubbock?

“Lubbock is really a ‘large, small town’ in a sense. You get the big city feel, but there’s still the support for local and for the individual.

Blazing Bouncers is truly a hometown, small business. There is nothing franchise or out-of-the-city about us. Everything we’ve built and done came from here in Lubbock and is staying here. We feel pretty fortunate that people continue to come to our business because there are a lot of companies coming into town that focus on birthdays and kids parties. We’re really trying to provide a place where people can enjoy taking their kids, and where they feel they are getting value for their money. If we were in a big metro place, I don’t think we would’ve been able to get this business off the ground. It really comes down to the local support.”

On that topic of local support, what else do you do within the community?

“Many schools bring field trips here, and we also have lots of daycares and even homeschool groups come to our facilities. We also give free tickets to certain places such as the Boys & Girls Club to bring kids out and just play for the day. So, we really do try to get involved in the community. We donate to organizations that call in ask for donations to raise funds. We’ll donate free passes, and every once in a while we’ll donate free parties they can raffle off.

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What makes your business stand out from others?

“We’re geared toward the entire family, not just the kids. Kids have fun no matter where they go and no matter what they do. What we noticed shortly after we started operating were these large crowds of adults – aunts, uncles, and other adult friends and family – who hang out almost like they’re at home. So we’ve created an atmosphere where the adults can feel just like they’re at home, hanging out and visiting, and watching the kids play. They don’t have to worry about where the kids are running or who’s in the building with them. So we try to stay focused on that.

We’ve received so much positive feedback overtime. One big thing people love about us is the fact that there’s no limit on the number of people you can invite for those birthday parties. Unlimited guests is a huge thing that takes some of the stress off of the person trying to plan the party. Another aspect we get lots of positive comments about is that we have a lot of things to choose from – not just bounce houses and climbing towers.

What are some of the changes happening at Blazing Bouncers?

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“Now, we’re building a bigger place. This spot here is actually being torn down by the state, otherwise I’m not so sure we would be building a new place. However, this new location is going to give us much more space for those people we have to say “no” to when we’re full. It’s also going to give us a bigger parking lot and things like that.

There are also some fun new additions people can look forward to at our new location. We’re going to have a restaurant and a snack bar with made-to-order food. We’re also wanting to put in an outdoor dinosaur park with miniature golf some things for older kids. Of course, this is all in the future, but we’re looking forward to implementing these things. As we get bigger and add all of these new aspects, this may not look like a traditional, local business, but I want people to know this was all dreamed up and grown right here in Lubbock.”

You heard it here! Blazing Bouncers is a local Lubbock gem and it is here to stay. You can find Blazing Bouncers on Towny – your FREE guide to exploring Lubbock, choosing local, and getting rewards. Browse Towny online or download the Towny app for your phone!