All-natural health products and supplements have been growing in popularity over the years. While you can find these products at your big box stores, we encourage you to skip the chains and shop locally – specifically at Adele’s Naturally. Why? For one, when you shop local you help your community thrive and grow. When it comes to your health, Adele’s Naturally is focused on making sure you get the best products out there, not just those products that claim to be natural.

Jordan Fink, the current owner of Adele’s Naturally, is an Evansville native, and he is committed to bringing natural health remedies to Tri-State locals. Read on to learn how this local health shop is helping you feel your best.

How did this local shop get started?

“Adele Cottrell was around 62 years old when she decided she wanted to open up a business. Basically, she didn’t want to be bored anymore, so she decided to open this supplement store just for something to do, and it really took off for her. She moved through several locations getting bigger and bigger over time, and we sit here 43 years later still doing the same thing.”

How did you get connected with Adele’s Naturally?

“My aunt was actually the store manager here when I was in high school, and they needed some part time help during the summer with stocking. So, I came in and started unpacking boxes, rebooking shelves, and little odd jobs like that. I never left, and after I graduated from college I came on full time. I’ve been here for about 14 years now.”

Since you’ve been running the store, what have been some of the high points?

“I can’t get into specifics of people getting cured because I don’t want to make any claims, but I would say a highlight is that several people have been getting positive results from a number of health issues through our CBD products – not to say it’s curing anyone but people are certainly feeling better. We were the first people in the Tri-State area to bring in CBD products, and we’ve seen that industry completely blow up and continue to grow.

And just in general, I love to see our customers’ health improve. One of the big things people come to us for is arthritis pain. A number of people are now able to get out of bed easier and walk around better due to a number of our products. Another issue we see often is chronic headaches and migraines, and we’ve been able to help a lot of people with that. Not having a headache every single day is a major life improvement.”

How do you decide what you offer in the store?

We really emphasize quality over price here, because you can buy supplements almost anywhere. You can go to big box stores and buy all kinds of multivitamins. But at Adele’s, we require everything to be third-party verified before we have it in the store. It’s one thing when the person who is making the product says, this is what’s in the product. But it’s another thing when that person is taking the time to send out the product to a neutral third party to test it and make sure the product is accurately labeled. We find that to be very, very important. Especially with something that’s as unregulated as dietary supplements. There really is no overseeing body in this industry, so there’s nothing stopping someone from putting sawdust in a capsule and calling it whatever they want.”

What else makes Adele’s Naturally stand out from the chain stores?

“I’d say relationship building is a big portion of it. We know most of our customers by their first name, and we will greet them when they come in. There probably aren’t too many big chains where the employees get hugs from their customers.

Another thing is the education component. We try to understand not only the products we carry, but also the industry as a whole. We like to be able to walk people through a process wherever they are on that health journey.”

What do you love about being a business in the Evansville community?

“I was born and raised in Evansville, and I’ve never lived anywhere else. I went to kindergarten through college here in Evansville. I think what I really like most about having this business here is the regional impact we have. You’ll see list after list and study after study about how unhealthy the Midwest is when it comes to cancer rates and poor dietary habits. So, what we offer at Adele’s is something that 100 percent of the population can benefit from. I feel like we are genuinely helping the people who walk through our doors.”

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