Pollard A/C Heating and Refrigeration is a local service dedicated to providing maintenance, repairs, and installations of your air conditioning, heating, and kitchen equipment. Whether you need these services for your home or for your business, Pollard A/C has the tools and expertise to take care of you! Owner Justin Pollard is a Lubbock native and he’s excited to bring his heating and refrigeration knowledge to local residents.

Like most people who start their own company, Justin started out working for others but felt a longing for independence. “I worked in this industry for about 12 years, and then one day decided I wanted to have my own company,” says Justin. “I figured I had enough knowledge to take my contractor’s license and do this myself.”

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Since owning his own business, Justin has enjoyed the people he meets on a daily basis more than anything. “Of course I’ve enjoyed the freedom of being a business owner and the ability to do things the way I’d like to, but what I really enjoy is the relationships with people I meet,” says Justin. “I’m always meeting a bunch of down-to-earth people, and also, I get to help out people with health problems who can’t do things for themselves.”

If you talk to the customers who have used Pollard A/C services they’ll tell you how much they love how prompt Justin is. “That’s one thing a lot of people say about my business – that we’re prompt. With a lot of these companies, you’ve got to wait two or three days before you even have someone out to service you. However, my company is very timely. We get so many calls, and we get right on the job pretty quickly. We try to figure things out and complete the job as efficiently as possible,” says Justin.

As with most small, local businesses, it’s these glowing reviews from customers that helps Pollard A/C grow and thrive in Lubbock. “I am from Lubbock originally, and I love that the people here are so kind,” says Justin “I have a lot of friends and family here, and that’s helped my business grow.”

Justin looks on his past growth with fondness, yet he also looks to the future for continued growth. “I just bought another truck, so we’re trying to expand. Hopefully within the next five years, I’ll have a four- or five-man crew going,” says Justin. “I’d love to sell jobs and create work for my employees. I always want to be a part of my business for sure, but hopefully I’ll have different managers to help with jobs.”

When you choose to use local services like Justin’s, you not only receive that local, personal touch but you also get to be a part of local growth! You can find Pollard A/C Heating and Refrigeration and other local Lubbock businesses on Towny – your FREE resource for exploring Lubbock, choosing local, and building a robust economy. Find Towny online or on your phone!