Lubbock's long been a hub of artistic trailblazers and notable human legacies, where the locals are as friendly as the sky is big. Community here is a real thing, and the stories we share remind us of why we raise our families here,  start our businesses locally, and create unforgettable experiences in West Texas.  This is home.

Whether you've lived in town all your life or are new to the South Plains, here are a few can't miss options for a day here that's hard to beat. 

  1. Stay Gold.  We get it, kickstarting your morning can be feel like the odds are against you when the sun comes up. But rev your motor with a change-your-life latte from the baristas at Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters and you'll change your tune.  Grab your day by the lapel. You've got places to go.
  2. Your Tastebuds With An Exclamation Point (!) Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it's also better with salsa.  You'll take your meal Jalisco style, thank you very much, and dig into a classic breakfast taco from Aranda's Taqueria.  Things are looking up. 
  3. Shop Til Your Clothes Pop.  Affordable fashion is literally right around the corner at The Turquoise Lily. Turn your wardrobe up to eleven with threads that meet at the intersection of comfort and chic design. New duds mean your day is trending up.
  4. Noodles or Sushi? You Decide. Take a trip to the Far East, tastebuds first. Yuyo Japanese Restaurant has been serving the kind of comfort food you don't have to travel to the other side of the globe to enjoy. Get inspired and full at once.
  5.  Don't Desert Dessert. The confections are perfection at Otto's Granary, where they believe that fine chocolate is more than a calling card, it's a life path.
  6. Turn Your Look Up To Eleven.  Nothing instills confidence like a game-changing hairstyle, and Hello Gorgeous has been transforming outlooks that turn heads for ages. They can make the boldest you look beautiful (or stick with bold, if that's your jam).
  7. Wrap With A Classic. There's a reason that the 50th St Caboose has been wildly popular for so long: they've become part of the fabric of Lubbock, a staple where friends gather to tilt a glass or cheer on the Red Raiders. They'll usher you into the evening with something hearty.