Local business of the week


Pets Plus

Richard Evans started Pets Plus before the famous big box pet stores were located in every town. He wanted to offer a place that was more than warehouse to buy pet supplies but a place where you could interact with the animals of the store, bring your furry family members, and of course get the supplies you needed to give your pet a wonderful life.

Richard has provided this experience to Lubbock for nearly 35 years. A Lubbock native, he has owned and operated Pets Plus since 1983.


How Pets Plus Came to Be

Richard has always loved animals and the outdoors, when he was younger he even considered being in the forestry service or working at a zoo. It wasn’t until he took a job at a local pet store in Abilene during college, that he realized his true passion was to run a pet store.

Richard and his family love Lubbock. He says “Lubbock truly has all the benefits and conveniences of a big town, without all the headaches.” He has raised two girls here and loves being a part of the community. He’s proud that Pets Plus is a family owned business, his wife, Pam, helps with bookkeeping and his sister, Rachel, helps manage the store.


You're invited - Please visit the store's pets!

Bring your preschool groups! Bring your playdates, your grandparents, your scouts, or your date – it doesn’t matter. Enjoy watching ring-tailed lemurs, the albino burmese python “Fluffy,” or the tortoises (who stay at the store in the winter and Richard’s backyard during the warmer months). These animals enjoy the attention, and appreciate the love. Pets Plus isn’t a zoo, but it’s about as close as you can get.

Fluffy a little too exotic for you? Not to worry, there are puppies available to play with, and in case you are able to share your home and heart, they are available for adoption!   (Richard prides himself that all their puppies are from individual breeders, he does not use any out of state kennels or “puppy mills”.)


Pets Plus Deals on the Towny App

We are so thrilled that Pets Plus and Richard are a part of the Towny Network.   They have the following deals available in the Towny app:

  • Buy One, Get One Free Engraved Dog Tags
  • Buy One Get One Free 1lb bag of dog biscuits
  • 50% off Deer Antler Chews

If you don’t have the app, download it today and go check out your very own local Lubbock Zoo Pet Store. The puppies (and Fluffy) are waiting to see you!