When your community is thriving, you are thriving. 

Let’s take a look at banking local and how it helps your local economy thrive.

Banks have long held a powerful position in any economy because they control a significant portion of capital that can be loaned to businesses to help them start and grow, not to mention helping consumers do the same in their personal lives. Locally-owned and independently operated banks and credit unions, by and large, hold the deposits of local citizenry and loan those deposits into locally-owned and operated businesses. The more local deposits they have, the more local businesses can start and grow. 

Banks also loan almost all of their money to local consumers that then spend that money that they loaned out in their local community. So loyal!

Where does money from big banks go?

A national or super-regional bank is far less likely to re-invest local deposits into the exact community that those dollars come from. They siphon out the money from the local economy and put into other economies. Not so loyal. Also, by and large, the big banks use deposits to fund their investment activities and to make huge corporate loans. 

Who does that benefit? I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t you and your local community. It used to be that over 70% of deposits were held by local community banks and credit unions, now they barely hold 30% of deposits nationwide. Even with that, local financial institutions make up about 50% of small business loans. Imagine if they had more deposits. A super successful community bank CEO out in Oklahoma, Jill Castilla, said it best when she said, "Community banks (and I would include local credit unions) are like crowdfunding for your local, community businesses."

We want you to be the first to know how loyalty to local banking means an effortless benefit to your quality of life, your community. And we don't want you to miss out on that, because, yeah...we have this thing for you (it's called care).