Kicking off Towny with a Bang - California Medical Weight Management Lubbock

Maddy, the owner of California Medical Weight Management Lubbock, went live with Towny on October 9th and she’s had one of the most successful first weeks we have ever seen.

She had 4 people walk in to redeem Towny Deals from the app, 3 people have already earned + redeemed their rewards on the kiosk, and she had 183 people join her rewards program. All of this was just in one week!

We asked her how she did it. She said there were three things that helped her:

  • First, she worked closely with her Towny Business Growth Strategist to make sure that both the rewards and the deals were ones that would drive her business AND get the attention of possible customers.

  • Second, she made it a point to be EXCITED about the program and tell EVERY person that walked in the door about her new rewards program.

  • Third, she shared with her team WHY she was so excited to have a rewards program and how it would help grow their business and set clear EXPECTATIONS that the whole team needed to talk about it to all of their customers.

Welcome to the 1,000 Rewards Members Club, Bevo’s!

Bevo’s is a two-location women’s clothing, shoes, and accessory store in Lafayette, LA. They kicked off their Towny Rewards program on July 7th.

On October 13th, they had their 1,000th person join their rewards program.

We spoke with Gabi, one of Bevo’s store managers to ask her what they did to get to over 1,000 rewards members. She’s made it her habit to talk about the rewards program with every customer, so it is easy for her team to follow her example. She stressed the importance of using as few words as possible when talking with customers about the rewards program. She said that she has two “go-to” lines that seem to work well; “It’s easy to sign up, you’ll probably be done before I’m done ringing up your items” and “It’s just like a digital punchcard.” She also mentioned that she lets her customers know that Bevo’s won’t “blow up their phone” with messages.

They also made sure to put the kiosk right where a customer checks out. This prompts both the team as well as the customer to talk about it before they leave. The visual cue is a powerful tool.