How Three Dog Bakery already has 1,108 customers in Towny Rewards

There is no doubt that the number one driver of success of any rewards program is the number of customers you’re able to sign up. That’s why we’re sharing so many stories of how businesses across all business categories are getting their customers to join!

Today we want to highlight Three Dog Bakery, which is a business that provides treats + eats for Northwest Arkansas’ four-legged friends. They already have 1,108 customers signed up to their Towny Rewards program. We asked them what they’ve done to have so many people sign up so quickly. Bobby & Paula, Three Dog Bakery’s owners said, “We point people to [the kiosk] and ask every single customer if they are a member of our rewards program.” Bobby & Paula also shared that they immediately tell the customer what the reward structure is so they know what they can get. Sharing specifics of the rewards seems to be a key point of success. Bobby & Paula said that asking each customer has almost become an involuntary reflex.

White River Nursery’s super-powered reward that got a 19.5% redemption rate over one weekend

Besides the automated rewards, each of you have the ability to send special rewards or offers to your Towny Rewards customers a couple of times a month through text messages (as a reminder, just engage with your Towny Business Growth Strategist and they’ll make this happen). White River Nursery, a garden center and nursery specializing in native plants that thrive in the Ozarks, came up with super-powered results from one of their recent text messages and reward to their rewards member.

The text simply said “Happy Fall Y’all! Come pick up your FREE mini pumpkin at White River Nursery! NOW through Sunday.” Out of their 123 Towny Rewards members, 24 came in to claim their mini pumpkin. That represents a 19.5% redemption rate! Sarah, the owner of White River Nursery, said that 22 of those individuals ended up purchasing other pumpkins and more fall products.

Here are a couple of things we LOVE about this offer. First, everyone loves free things. Second, that free thing was an inexpensive item that does not cost much money. Third, the offer was sent out at the perfect time of the year. Most people want pumpkins this time of year, and if they could get one free mini-pumpkin and be at a place where they could buy more, it creates a win-win situation. Fourth, there was a deadline so there was a sense of urgency to take action.