2018 was really the start of Towny as a company. We are on a mission to get more and more consumers to buy local rather than shopping at national chains or online-only businesses. In 2018, we made huge headway through our partnership with you and through the local coalitions we are building. There are now more than 300,000 entrants to Towny powered-rewards program. That means that across the Towny coalition we are actively encouraging consumers to return to you over and over again. Throughout 2019, we will be working with you to figure out how to best leverage that entire network of people to get them to continue to increase their spending habits at local businesses.

In most of the cities where Towny is located, we have only been around for about a year. However, in Evansville, IN we have been in operation for more than six years (through Jody Wassmer’s company that we brought into the Towny fold). In Evansville, one in three adults are part of at least one Towny-powered rewards program. Imagine that type of engagement in every community in which Towny launches across the country! Think of the power our Towny coalition can have in achieving the dream of having a measurable impact in encouraging more people to start buying local and continue buying local!