Caroline & Company is a unique gift shop, baby boutique, and home decor store out in Lafayette, Louisiana. In the six months they’ve been using Towny, they have had over 250 redeemed deals through the Towny app. Caroline & Company was one of the originators of “Towny Tuesday” (a movement offering special Towny deals every Tuesday to promote local businesses in our communities) and after installing Towny Text and Towny Rewards, only six weeks later, they have 462 customers signed up. We asked them what they have done to see such tremendous success with Towny and they simply said that they have integrated the Towny tools into the way they do their day-to-day business. It’s a tool they are better learning to utilize each and every week.

Fat Boy’s Pizza is a carry-out pizza shop in Newburgh, Indiana. They have had their rewards and texting program for a while now and have 1,045 people who have joined. They typically send out 2 to 3 text rewards to their reward customers every month. In August, they sent out a text that coincided with the kick-off of football season. It was sent at 3:30 PM and their phone didn’t stop ringing until they closed that night. They made more pizzas that night than they ever had in the history of their company. They ended up getting 110 orders that evening.