Towny Text and Towny Rewards are rolling! Over the last 30 days there have been over 70,000 check-ins and 21,000 people that have joined Towny Rewards programs. Here are three things that you should be thinking about now to get the most out of these powerful programs:

1) New, creative images available to help you get more sign-ups

Towny_RewardsInsert_5x7 (2).jpg
Towny_TextInsert_5x7 (1).jpg

We have new, creative images (above) for you to use to let your customers know about your rewards program. We have images that you can share on social media, table top inserts, or a poster to put up in your store. We’ll provide the digital files for you to use. Just let your Towny Business Growth Strategist (the person that you sent you this email) know that you would like them and we will create them with your business’ specific information and ship the digital files over for you to use!

2) Ask + they will sign up - the golden question to get more people to opt in

In the vein of Field of Dreams: if you ask them, they will sign up. We have seen that, by and large, the biggest difference between our clients who have built their rewards members quickly and those that have been a bit slower is whether or not your team members working with your customers are telling them about the great rewards, or not. Get your team together (or record a short video if that’s easier) and explain WHY getting people to sign up is important to both your business and for your customers. Then, teach them HOW to do it, because it really is simple.

The best way to ask people to sign up is simple, “Do you have any rewards to redeem today?” They will probably say no. “No worries, just put your phone number in this kiosk and you’ll start earning them today.” NOTE: It works best if they share specifics on what reward they will get. For example, “No worries, just put your phone number in this kiosk and you will get a free fountain drink with your meal purchase today, and then every 5th time you come in, you will $2 off your meal.”

3) Connect with your Towny Business Growth Strategist to start sending out your Text Blasts

One important reason to build out the number of customers in your rewards program is because you can reach out to them once or twice a month via text! Just connect with your Towny Business Growth Strategist (the person that sent you this email). They will work with you to quickly come up with what to send, when to send it, then they will do all of the work to make sure it happens. Business after business has seen great results from these text blasts, and the more customers you have in your rewards program, the greater the return.