Local business owners are busy, that’s why Towny focuses so much on automating as much as we can on behalf of our clients. Two of our favorite automated features are 1) the rewards program and 2) the automatic text messages that are sent to people who haven’t been back in a while. The only work you have to do is get people to sign up and check-in, then everything else happens automatically. Almost too good to be true...almost.

Using Towny’s automated messaging system, Christi’s Hamburgers is seeing more and more people come back after a long absence.

We send two messages if someone doesn’t come back (soon) to Christi’s Hamburgers, a great restaurant out in Waco, Texas. One message goes out after they haven’t been back for 35 days and one more after 63 days have passed. These messages have been getting at least a 10% return rate. In other words, Christi’s Hamburgers is convincing more than 1 out of every 10 people who haven’t been back in 63 days to come back again. And the only thing the team at Christi’s had to do is to get their customers to join their rewards program and check-in.

Mojito’s loyalty rewards are keeping their loyal customers coming back more and more often.

Mojito’s is a very popular Mexican food restaurant in Northwest Arkansas. They started their loyalty rewards program with Towny in the early part of August. Since that time they have had over 400 people join their program, and nearly 25% of those people have already earned their reward at least once. That means about 100 of them have come back at least 5 times and a full 36% of them used their loyalty reward already.