Water Tree Waco provides alkaline antioxidant bottled water to the Waco community. In a little over two and a half months, they have had 284 people join their Towny Rewards program. We asked them what they’ve done to have so many people sign up so quickly. Kenneth, Water Tree Waco’s owner said, "We point people to [the kiosk] and say we have a rewards program and that it’s free to sign up. People know what reward programs are all about and so they want to sign up." Kenneth’s customers love the Rewards program and have been coming back more and more. Almost half of their 284 rewards customers have already come back 4 or more times!

Pets Plus is a locally-owned pet store in Lubbock that has been in business since 1983. They started using Towny Rewards a little over two months ago as well, and they already have 277 customers that have joined. The owner of Pets Plus was insistent that each and every one of his employees went through training to know exactly what all the program entailed and how is was a win-win for the store as well as their customers. They were all very excited to send out their first text reward on National Dog Day to their Rewards customers.

In both cases, the key to their success has been to ensure all of the team members know about the program and share the details with the customers. As long as they invited the customers, their customers have signed up.