Throughout the year we’ve been excited to launch + share new features with you. Here are some of them: in-app push notifications, a whole new version of the app, our new multi-channel (Facebook, Instagram, email, web) marketing strategy, our content marketing featuring all of you, and, of course, Towny Text + Towny Rewards...and we are NOT slowing down.

Our development team has been hard at work! Here’s a quick sneak peek of two of our newest features:

Everything accessible on the web, not just the iPhone and Android App

We’re currently testing the new Towny Web App. All of the great content and functionality of the Towny mobile app (on iPhone or Android) will be available on any web browser (any computer, any internet connection, anywhere)! It opens up a whole new way for people to engage with your business.

First - no download required! This makes it much easier to join Towny. We talked to a lot of people in your community. We know some people LOVE apps and some people hate them. So by removing the need to download an app, we can reach a much bigger audience which means more potential customers for you.

Secondly - you, your customers, and Towny can share your business and deals through social media, emails, websites, etc. For example, a blog post about your business can link directly to your deals. Customers can sign up and redeem the deal without downloading an app!

Or, a Facebook post about your business can link directly to your Towny profile where people can “fave” you. Another example: your customers can share your deals directly to Facebook with one click. Then their friends can use the deal just by clicking the link!

The possibilities are endless. We are super excited to launch this incredible new experience so more and more people can use Towny to engage with YOUR business.

Towny Rewards and Towny Text integrated into the Towny App (both the mobile and web version)

Then, an integrated Towny Text and Towny Rewards will be available on both the Towny app and the Towny web app. People will be able to see their rewards programs, track their progress, and even join new ones...all from the Towny App.

Look for more updates on this in the future. Combining the Towny apps with the awesome Towny Kiosks will make it easier for people to join your rewards program and keep them coming back.