Want More Loyal customers?

There's a network of consumer who care about buying local, and
they're just waiting to discover your business. It's called Towny.


Tens of thousands of consumers in every city and town care about buying local. Towny is a mobile platform that connects these consumers with local businesses like yours. Most local merchants can't build their own mobile loyalty and messaging platform. Until now...

Local businesses have banded together to create a movement for buying local, and that movement lives on a mobile platform: Towny. Towny entices consumers with deals and stories, then delivers messaging and loyalty programs that give you a lasting relationship.


What you Get


Growth & Discovery

  • Business Listing
  • New Towny Business Post
  • One-time Enticement Deals
  • Text # to Start Relationship

Loyalty & Relationship

  • Rewards and Incentives
  • Instant Feedback
  • Birthday/Time-Based Deals
  • Messages and Notifications

Coalition Marketing

  • Social Media Kits
  • Shareable Content
  • Business of the Week/Stories
  • Flyers, Stickers, Signs

next steps

Join with other local businesses and leverage the Towny network
to give yourself more exposure in one platform, everything local