When you picture a resale shop, do you picture a fun and organized store with friendly staff? When you shop at Daisy Exchange in Tulsa, that’s exactly the experience you’ll get! Dani Thach and her husband own Daisy Exchange Tulsa, and they work hard to bring you the latest trends at an affordable price. We spoke with Dani to learn more about her experience as a local retail store owner, and in the process we learned all about what makes this local resale shop so unique.

Owners Dani and Spencer Thach

Owners Dani and Spencer Thach

How did you become the owner of daisy exchange Tulsa?

“I was 15 when I was looking for my first job. I started at the Daisy Exchange in Oklahoma City. I worked there for several years, and then when they were opening one in Tulsa, my husband and I moved up here so I could manage it. In 2014, we bought the Tulsa location.

It kind of just fell into my lap. It was my first job ever, and I absolutely loved it. It was just one those opportunities. As I managed the store, I never thought I would own it but the owners offered it one day, and it just kind of fell into place.

We’re just extremely fortunate. It’s rare that you get to do something that you love everyday, and I get to come to a place and basically shop for a living – which is awesome.”

Who’s been your biggest cheerleader?

“Oh gosh, I feel like there are so many. My first boss, Tassidy, is the owner over in Oklahoma City, and she’s the daughter of the people that started Daisy Exchange. Since she was my first boss, I’ve watched her all these years and our relationship has transformed from employee-boss to a friendship. She is so knowledgeable, and the way she handles business always inspires me from a business standpoint.

Also, I feel like my family has always been my biggest supporter. My mom is always pushing me to be my best and has always believed in me. She never told me ‘that’s a crazy idea,’ or ‘you can’t do that, that’s so much work’. She’s a pretty remarkable person.”


Was it a big leap to go from being store manager to owner?

“I would say so. It’s a lot more work. I honestly had no idea what I was doing when I decided to buy the business, but I learned as I went.

I think that the hardest part is being the sole person everyone relies on. When you’re a manager, there’s still someone over you, so you have someone else to bounce ideas off of or to take charge in certain situations. When you’re the owner – it’s just me and my husband now – you’re the only one people have to come to.

These stores were started by Tom and Lynn Hart. Their daughters are Tassidy and Courtney, and it was Tassidy who was my boss. They really held my hand through it all, and they’re still a big part of my life. If I do have a question, they’re there.”

What’s the most rewarding part?

“Honestly, my customers. We have a great customer base, and we probably have the best employees in Tulsa, in my opinion.

Our items are so affordable. I’m from a big family, so it’s great to see a big family come in and be able to get their four or five kids a whole new wardrobe for back to school instead of one or two things. I really like being able to help families out with that aspect of life.”


Something you would want people to know?

“I think that resale and thrift stores -- we’re not technically a thrift store but people put us in that thrift store category -- sometimes get a bad rap like, it’s dirty or smelly or the clothes aren’t in good condition. But here, since we buy items off of people, we personally spend time going through everything and making sure each item is clean and current in style.

So, I want people to know that Daisy Exchange is not like your typical resale shop. It’s not like a Goodwill or Salvation Army. We handpick everything so it’s clean and organized and fresh, but you’re saving so much money by buying it here, even if it’s been worn a couple times, versus going to the mall or some place like that.”

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