If you’ve been feeling tired, sick, dehydrated, or just in need of a wellness boost, you definitely need to give IV Rejuvenation Station (IVRS) a call. What’s IVRS, you ask? Erin Montgomery, one of the owners of IVRS, is here to tell you all about it!

“What we do is we offer IV hydration of vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients to improve wellness, immunity, energy, and just to optimize your nutritional health,” says Erin. “Several of the people who we’ve had benefit from IV hydration have been athletes of all ages. IV hydration can help you stay on your A-game. Also, anyone who is feeling run-down or has a hectic schedule is more susceptible to get the flu. What we offer can be preventative of the flu and other sickness. However, most people enjoy the benefits of energy and that feeling of overall wellness.”

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When you schedule an appointment with IVRS, they come to you! Their luxury mobile clinic can come to your home, office, or even hotel to provide IV therapy. The treatments are delivered and administered by a licensed registered nurse and board certified medical professionals so you can rest assured that you’re receiving quality care.

Opening an IV hydration station is not something Erin had always planned on doing. In fact, when the idea was first presented to her, Erin wasn’t quite on board. “My business partner, James Marlin, had the idea originally. At that point, I had been a nurse for 17 years, and he had years of experience working in the medical field,” says Erin. “He told me he wanted to open an IV hydration company, and I didn’t think it was a good idea. But, I decided to look into it, and as I started studying I realized there are a lot of benefits to IV hydration.”

While IV hydration is a new concept to many people, it is definitely growing in popularity. “In the next five years, I hope everyone knows about IV hydration,” says Erin.

Partnerships within the Lubbock community have helped spread the word. “We’ve been corporate sponsors for places like Texas Tech, which has opened up doors for us to spread the knowledge and research on vitamins,” says Erin. “We help a ton of people – from patients with cancer who need to hydrate to the average person who is just looking to be healthier and more aware of their need for nutrients.”

While IVRS is focused on providing a service, they also aim to educate the public on wellness through nutrients and hydration. “Really, our main focus is providing education on overall wellness – along with the hydration services, of course,” says Erin.  

Like most local business owners, Erin loves this city she calls home. “I think Lubbock is a great town for having a family. The size of Lubbock is great. It has that small town feel, but of course it’s bigger – like a little city,” Erin laughs. IVRS works with other organizations and businesses within the community like CycleBar Lubbock and The Junior League of Lubbock, and they look forward to working with many others.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of hydration and a way to support your local community, IVRS is the place for you! You can find IVRS, and other local Lubbock businesses, on Towny – your FREE resource for exploring Lubbock, choosing local, and building a robust economy. Find Towny online or on your phone!