It’s time for a heart-to-heart: remember that New Year’s resolution to start living healthier? How’s it going? Maybe you’re killing it and have made it to the gym every. single. day. You are a total stud and deserve all the high-fives. Buuuut maybe you tried your best and fell off the wagon and kinda just forgot. EITHER WAY - we’ve got some easy peasy, local squeezy ways to incorporate some healthy into your living!

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Watch what you drink

Every wonder what’s hiding in your tap water to make it taste a little funky, or why your bathroom smells like a pool locker room every time you shower? Water Tree Waco will wash all your worries away! They are dedicated to providing pure water full of essential minerals. You can also snag one of their handy dandy house units or shower heads to filter out chlorine and other heavy metals from your water.

Look good, feel good

The Alternative Touch Wellness offers so much more than your typical spa - although you can find all your standard aesthetic and cosmetic services here, too. The medical team at The Alternative Touch provides innovative skin, laser, and weight loss treatments and will work with you to create personalized plans + nutrition counseling - basically, all the tools you need to achieve whole life health! From hormone therapy and nutritional IV treatments, to chemical peels and microneedling, The Alternative Touch offers an array of services to help you meet your wellness + cosmetic goals!

Your new fave water workout

If you’ve never thought of kayaking or paddle boarding as a workout, you’ve probably never kayaked or paddle boarded before because lemme tell ya is most DEFINITELY a workout. But the very best kind of workout: one so enjoyable and refreshing (cue: a light Brazos breeze blowing through your hair as the sunlight sparkles on the water) you don’t even realize you’re working out! Waco Paddle Company opens back up in March and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll be in line on opening day.

Fitness for your little (+ a mental health break for YOU)

Keep the kiddos moving and grooving and rolling and tumbling at Flips Gymnastics. The trained coaches at Flips help skill development at ALL ages so it’s perfect for keeping the littles engaged and the bigs out of your hair so you can enjoy at least a few minutes of calm! Flips offers classes daily for ages 3 and up, plus open gym Friday Fun Dates.

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