Feeling less than your best lately? Maybe you’re still trying to shake off the last of that holiday weight gain, or perhaps you’ve set your sights on a 10k. Whatever your health goals, there’s a few things you’ll need to start your fitness journey - and a few local spots that can help. Find all these businesses on Towny – the easy way to explore + choose local online or on your phone.

Here are the three things you need for healthier living!

1 - The proper fuel

Need a little extra umph to liven up your day? You couuuuld grab that frap you love so much, but you could also (and for sure SHOULD) swing by Bentonville Wellness for a nutritious, delicious, high-in-protein-and-energy shake. But Bentonville Wellness is more than just a smoothie shack; here you’ll find an entire community of like-minded comrades who love encouraging each other as much as they love indulging their sweet teeth with healthy treats.

2 - The proper equipment

Your Total Fitness Shop in Fayetteville and Rogers has you totally covered when it comes to fitness-y things...I know, didn’t see that coming, didya? But seriously. Besides having new AND used equipment and accessories to get you iron pumping, rope jumping, bag punching, or whatever fitness-ing you do, they will also deliver + install (+ service) whatever you purchase!

3 - The proper carE

Sometimes, taking care of your health is a simple as having access to proper care and nutrition. Start simple at Avalon Nutrition. The knowledgeable staff can point you towards the supplements, vitamins, and other health products to help improve all sorts of health conditions. You can read all about the owner’s dedication to quality and customer service here.

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Is there a local health or fitness spot you love that isn’t listed here? Let us know!