If you’re in the mood for tasty, made-from-scratch pizza, you definitely want to pay a visit to Rounders Pizza in Evansville. For almost 30 years, Rounders Pizza has been serving up delicious food and fantastic customer service to Evansville residents.

Current Owner Dave Molinet didn’t always plan to operate a pizza place, but he absolutely loves what he does and has poured his heart and soul into developing a place where families can come and have a memorable time.

“Before I became the owner, I had been frequenting Rounders for quite a few years. Over time, I got to know the owners really well. One day, they approached me about buying the restaurant and I decided to go for it,” says Dave. “I’ve always wanted to have a business of my own.”

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For Dave, owning Rounders Pizza isn’t just about the business itself, but it’s also about the surrounding community. “I was born here on the north side of Evansville, and I like that it’s small and everyone kind of knows everyone. I feel like it’s more friendly than being in a big town,” says Dave.

Dave keeps that close-knit sense of community within the restaurant as well. “We’re family-friendly, and we’ve got a hospitable staff. We’re more in touch with the customers than your average chain. We try to make our customers feel at home when they come in because we want them to feel like they’re a part of the family,” says Dave.

Rounders Pizza gives the same level of attention and care that they give to their customers to their food. “Everything is made fresh daily and we have a homemade crust, dressing, and sauces. We also have some unique items like Chicago-style pizza. And then, we’ve got a Greek dressing that we make here on-site,” says Dave. “Everyone tries to pick our brains about what’s in it and we say, ‘if you want to know you can buy the business!’”

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When asked what he loves most about being a local business owner, Dave doesn’t hesitate to reflect on his relationship with his customers. “We give good customer service like one-on-one interactions, and we focus on making people happy,” says Dave. “I’d love for people to know how much we appreciate their business, and hopefully we continue to see our customers as we get ready to celebrate 30 years of business in April.”

It’s exciting to watch local businesses like Dave’s start in the community and develop roots over the years. Part of the benefit of choosing to eat at local restaurants is that you’re getting to help these spots grow, flourish, and ultimately provide a great place for you and your family to enjoy a delicious meal. You can find Rounders Pizza on Towny – the easy (and free!) way to explore Evansville, choose local, and get rewarded for doing so. Find Towny online or on your phone!