Where do you turn when you need an extra hand? Why not local? Towny can help you find all sorts of locally-owned businesses in Waco that place YOU at the top of their priority list. Consider these places your local fairy godmothers: bippity boppity problems be gone!

  • Problem: My water tastes weird.

Water Tree Waco is dedicated to providing pure water full of essential minerals, so you don’t have to wonder what’s hiding in that tap water that makes it taste a little funky. Plus, if you’re noticing your bathroom smells more like a pool locker room, Water Tree Waco has water products like filtered shower heads and whole house systems.

  • Problem: The (fill in the blank) on my car needs fixed/checked/changed.

If it’s got something to do with an automobile, chances are Texas Star Tire & Auto Repair can fix it. Their list of services covers almost everything from front bumper to trunk bumper. Plus, they offer FREE pick up + delivery as well as coffee and Wi-Fi while you wait.

  • Problem: Other family members keep “accidentally” stealing my thermos.

There’s a shop for that! Meet Sign This Custom Signs & Design. “Sign This Custom EVERYTHING” might be a more appropriate name, though. A single monogrammed thermos, big head cutouts of the whole team, or 500 yards signs...no project is too big or too small for this crew! Read all about them here.

  • Problem: My kid won’t stop running circles around the house!

Take them to Flips Gymnastics where they can roll and cartwheel away all that extra energy. Flips offers daily gymnastics classes for kids ages 3 and up, tumbling + cheer instruction, and open-to-the-public Friday fun days! Check out some fun facts about Flips here.

Your problem didn’t make the list? No problem at all! Check out Towny to explore more ways shopping local can help solve your day-to-day probs + earn perks for supporting your neighborhood business-peeps. Find Towny online or download the free app to your phone!