Your week doesn’t always go as planned. Even the most put-together person runs into a snag every now and then! When something unexpected pops up, don’t panic! Your local Lubbock businesses are here to save the day. Check out our list of five local problem solvers, and find them on Towny.

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  1. If you rely on your car to get you from here to there, a little car trouble can be a big stress. When you need auto maintenance or repairs, Scott’s Complete Car Care (on 34th Street and Indiana Ave) will take care of your problems in no time! For more than 20 years, this local service shop has offered a full range of services with excellent customer care. Plus, their shop has a comfortable waiting room and open windows to the service area so you can watch expert technicians work on your car.   

  2. Warm weather or cold, Pollard A/C Heating and Refrigeration is there to repair your A/C or heating units. They’ll also provide installation on new equipment. Don’t be stuck in a house that’s sweltering in the summer or freezing all winter! Pollard’s service is professional, friendly, and reliable giving you peace of mind when it comes to your A/C, heating, and refrigeration.

  3. When your furry friend isn’t feeling their best, you want a veterinarian you can trust. Live Oak Animal Hospital cares for a range of pets from dogs to rabbits to small farm animals. Their licensed veterinarians provide emergency care, surgery, vaccinations, physical exams, dentistry, and other pet care services. Going out of town? Live Oak Animal Hospital also has a pet hotel for reliable boarding.

  4. Need to repair those dings and scratches on your car? Visit Paint Doctor for full-service body and paint including touch-ups, bumper repair, and key repair. Whether your car was in a major collision, or you just need to touch up a scratch, the technicians at Paint Doctor can help you out! They also offer oil changes, alignments, tire and brake work, and other auto services.   

  5. When you’ve got a hectic life, exhaustion is one thing that never seems to go away. Schedule an appointment with IVRS – an IV hydration therapy service – to relieve fatigue, jet lag, hangover symptoms, cold and flu, the effects of migraine or other pain related ailments. IV therapy can also help enhance athletic performance and improve skin and hair health. Best part? They’ll come straight to your door!

Solve your problems locally with these five businesses, and find them on Towny! With Towny, you’re building a robust local economy AND supporting your neighbors! Find Towny online or on the mobile app.