Your week doesn’t always go as planned. Even the most put-together person runs into a snag every now and then! When something unexpected pops up, don’t panic! Your local Acadiana businesses are here to save the day. Check out our list of four local problem solvers, and find them on Towny.

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  1. When one of your appliances stops working, it can throw off the flow of your day. If you need service on an appliance, or want to replace an old one with something new, Richard Hebert Maytag is the place to shop! Refrigerators, stoves, name it. If there’s a home appliance you need, Richard Hebert Maytag can help you out. Their staff can help you find the perfect item for your budget and needs, and their technicians provide expert installation and service.

  2. Don’t let home security keep you up at night. Audio Video Innovators has cutting-edge home surveillance systems to keep you and your family safe 24/7. Call for a free consultation so you can find the right solutions (and some peace of mind!) for your home. Their staff will provide installation and help you understand how to operate and maintain your new system.

  3. If you’re having a bad hair day or are in need of a trim, Angela’s Hair Studio can help you out. Angela is a talented and friendly hair stylist with a knack for giving clients the perfect cut or style, and she’s known to help people feel confident and brand new. She’ll make sure you leave with a smile on your face!

  4. Kids driving you crazy? Fun Nation is your local solution. While they can’t solve all of your child-related problems, they can help your kids get out some of that energy with fun roller skating and an indoor playground. Thursday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, you can sign up your kids for the Kids Skate Free program. With a small skate rental free, kids under age 12 can skate for free during summer break and school holidays! And hey, skating isn’t just for kids. Bring the whole family by to let off some steam and have a great time.

Solve your problems locally with these four businesses, and find them on Towny! With Towny, you’re building a robust local economy AND supporting your neighbors! Find Towny online or on the mobile app.