Looking for the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, baptism, or other special event? Look no further than Chauvin’s Gifts in Carencro. This fun store has been providing Acadiana with gifts for more than 40 years. We spoke with current owner, Deana Chauvin, to learn more about this local shop and their special place in the Acadiana community.

How did Chauvin’s Gifts get started?

“My mother and father started this gift shop – Dean and Neeson Chauvin. They opened the shop in 1977. Before they opened the store, they were often traveling to Mexico. They would buy items in Mexico, and then come back here and sell those items at flea markets. Eventually, they decided to open their own store. They first opened in a small shopping center and then moved to our current location.

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My mother passed away last year in October, so my sister – Sheila Chauvin – and I took over the business. But, even before that, I would often help my mother out in the shop. When she passed away, my sister and I decided to take care of things and run the gift shop.”

What kind of relationship does your shop have with customers?

“I’d have to refer back to the atmosphere my mother created. She would make customers feel at home whenever they came in here. She truly created a welcoming place and would go out of her way to take care of their needs and help them find what they needed for special occasions. She added a special, personal touch.

There’s one story of a man who always came in and needed help picking out cards for his wife. My mother would always help him find just the right thing, and he really appreciated that. That’s the kind of relationship she had with her customers.

Even today people will buy gifts from us and then come back to the store to let us know how much that person liked the gift.”

What do you love about having a business in Acadiana?

“Our culture here in Acadiana is extremely unique, and people in this area are so friendly. Our store has been in Acadiana for a long time so we know a lot of the community around us.”

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What kind of items can people find at Chauvin’s Gifts?

“We have Tyler products like the candles and the laundry wash that are popular. We really have some of everything and for every occasion, like gifts for baptisms, communions, weddings, and anniversaries. We sell balloons too, so if you want to have balloons at your events, we can provide them. And, we sell LSU and Saints items for those fans.

We’re the kind of shop where people come in to browse, or they may come in with something specific in mind. Most people find that they like our shop because it’s unique and you’ll find things you won’t find at other places.”

That’s the benefit of shopping local – you find special gems that you won’t get at big box stores! You also get to interact with wonderful people like Deana Chauvin who runs her family’s business with heart. You can find Chauvin’s Gifts on Towny – the best way to explore Acadiana, choose local, and get rewarded for doing so! Browse Towny online or on the mobile app.