Franklin Street in Evansville is an area where small local businesses have been growing and thriving over the last few years. One of those local businesses is Lili Lu Designs – a trendy clothing boutique where women can find clothing, accessories, and personalization services.

Owner Anita Campbell opened Lili Lu on Franklin Street two years ago, but her experience in the retail industry goes back even further. “I’ve done embroidery for more than 25 years, and I’ve also been in the retail industry for more than 25 years,” says Anita. “We started our first t-shirt shop in 1990, and before that, in the late 70s, I managed a juniors clothing boutique for my mother.”

Five years ago Anita opened Greek Palooza, which specializes in monogramming and gifts for Greek life, and that has transitioned into Lili Lu which focuses on trendy clothes.

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Customers love the selection and variety offered at Lili Lu. “We carry lines like Simply Southern, Ivory Ella, and Grace and Lace, which are apparel lines that give back to good causes,” says Anita.

In addition to the selection, customers also love the level of attention and friendly service they get when shopping at Lili Lu. “I’ve had so many people thank us for taking the time to help them choose the right clothing for their personal style,” says Anita. “You have to feel good about your clothes, so we dress women for their style and their body. People like that personal touch more than anything.”

Anita is constantly looking for ways to cater to her customers needs. “We offer one-on-one shopping, and in the near future we hope to offer private shopping sessions where customers can make an appointment, come in, and shop before or after hours with a personal stylist,” says Anita.

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It’s not just the customers Anita has a heart for, but the Evansville community as well. They don’t take for granted their location on historic Franklin Street. “We love the people and the area, and we love that we’re located on Franklin Street,” says Anita. “It’s a local gem that’s been here for years and has been growing. We just love being able to help this community grow by attracting shoppers to the area. We even have people from other states like Kentucky and Illinois come to our store, and it’s awesome.”  

Wondering where this boutique got its name? “The name originated from my parents. My mother’s name is Lili and my father’s name is Luther,” says Anita. Wondering what else you can find at Lili Lu? The next time you’re exploring Franklin Street, stop by their store and check it out!

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