Does your house feel like a home? The talented staff at Ramsower’s Furniture can help give your space that special feel. This local shop is more than just a furniture store. It’s a place where all of your interior design dreams can come true!

Ramsower’s furniture started in Plainview, Texas back in 1967. Fifteen years ago, Jason Ramsower took over the shop from his grandfather, and three years ago Ramsower’s opened here in Lubbock.

Holly Cofer, store Manager and in-house designer, joined the Ramsower’s team two weeks after they opened in Lubbock, and she’s been helping the business grow ever since. “At first it was just me and one other staff member here. The two of us grew the business together with Jason’s guidance, and today we have 10 to 12 employees,” says Holly. “We’re very close knit and family-oriented. Jason is such a kind and trusting boss, and it’s really nice to work with him. He’s always been part of the business, but at the same time he’s been very gracious in letting his employees run his company.”

Part of what makes Ramsower’s stand out from other furniture stores is the attentive customer service and the fact that you can get a full design experience for every area of your home. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, or just want to change up a specific room, Ramsower’s staff can handle exactly what you need.

I feel like we’re different from the big box stores because we’re not just trying to sell you something. We’re trying to create a home for you and your family, and we take your needs into consideration,” says Holly. “But the big thing that makes us unique is the design factor. We’re all decorators and designers on staff, and we can help you from the beginning to the end.”

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Though Ramsower’s hasn’t been in Lubbock for long, they’ve been fully embraced by the local community. “We get people in our store constantly who have seen our furniture around town. Lubbock has been very gracious in terms of spreading the word about us,” says Holly. “Also, the West Texas Home Builders Association has been gracious to us. The fact that we’ve been able to furnish many of their homes has helped us get our name out there. People have been very inviting and welcoming to Ramsower’s here in Lubbock.”

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One of the highlights for Ramsower’s in the last few years has been their participation in the Lubbock Parade of Homes. Another highlight is the special events they hold for their customers. “We recently had an after-Christmas event, and we had more than 150 people come through our store. We also have private sales for people who need to come in after hours. We want to provide that service for people who can’t come to the store during the work day. We try to do these private sales events maybe three or four times a year, and it’s really fun,” says Holly.

That special customer service has made Ramsower’s such an enjoyable place to shop. When asked about customer relations, Holly reflects on the level of trust her customers have with the store. “I have one very sweet customer who has allowed us to come in and do her entire ranch home, and she’s letting us come in even while she’s not there. She told us, ‘just go ahead and make my house beautiful!’ It’s a special level of trust,” says Holly. “The way we’ve been able to build relationships with customers has been so nice. I’ve had so many wonderful experiences with so many different people.”

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