If you’re looking for a welcoming place to get high-quality skincare or spa treatments in Lubbock, Remedy Wellness Spa is one of the top choices in town. Owner Kasi Sierra has 17 years of experience as an esthetician and she has a strong passion to help people find and appreciate their beauty, inside and out. “I believe that everyone has beauty within themselves. My job is to help them see and feel the beauty that is within them,” says Kasi.

(Remedy Wellness Spa owner, Kasi Sierra)

(Remedy Wellness Spa owner, Kasi Sierra)

Kasi opened Remedy Wellness Spa with the desire to have a spa that was affordable for the everyday woman to come in, get treatments, and get the best results. “I feel that at some places, people are often turned away by the prices and begin to feel that they can’t afford to pamper themselves. We keep our prices pretty reasonable so everyone can come in and take advantage of getting pampered and improving their skin and self-esteem. Part of our mission at Remedy is to help women increase their self-esteem,” says Kasi.

In addition to helping her clients’ become more confident, Kasi loves to watch the transformation that occurs when people use her services. “I’ll have someone come in with acne scarring or another skin issue, and one of my favorite parts of my job is to watch them go through treatments and improve their skin as well as their overall outlook on life,” says Kasi. “I love investing in people.” Whether it’s watching a lady develop a new-found joy after improvements to her skin, or working with women who have come from abusive relationships and seeing them learn to care about themselves again, Kasi has made special connections with many of her clients.

In fact, that special, personal relationship is part of the benefit of choosing a local spa over a national chain. “We are going to invest in you and your treatment. We’ll follow you through the entire treatment process whether it be emotional or the treatment itself,” says Kasi. “People can always call me. I keep my phone on me all the time so my clients can reach out if they have questions or concerns. All of my clients consider themselves to be my friends. I love hearing about their families, and I love getting hugs and catching up when they come in.”

The support of the Lubbock community is a big part of why Remedy Wellness Spa is able to thrive as a local business. “For the most part, I’ve seen people stand behind me and want to see me succeed. I’ve had lots of friends and clients who talk very highly of me. Probably 80 percent of my clients come from word of mouth and words of praise. I see in Lubbock that people really reach out to their friends and recommend local businesses. In Lubbock, it’s easy to have people stand behind you if you’re honest and loyal,” says Kasi.

Remedy Wellness Spa is offering several new services including a red light therapy bed, whole body cryotherapy, hydrafacials, and their newest treatment – vacuum therapy. Follow Remedy Wellness Spa on their Facebook page to see five-star reviews from past clients and to keep up with their newest service offerings.

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