You may have already heard of Le Futur Medical Spa – the cosmetic and medical spa offering friendly and professional services in Evansville. But, have you heard the story of how this business came to be or the special connection they have with ALL of their customers? We spoke with Courtney Taylor, Le Futur’s in-house, licensed skin care technician, to learn more about this personable spa.

What is the origin story of Le Futur Medical Spa?

(Dr. Hubert Reyes and licensed esthetician Courtney Taylor)

(Dr. Hubert Reyes and licensed esthetician Courtney Taylor)

“One of our owners also owns Medisphere Medical Research, which is a research facility that focuses on looking for new and innovative ways of fixing different issues. In their research, they learned about coolsculpting and decided to offer that service. For the first several years we were open, we were actually called the Body Sculpting Center since we did coolsculpting only. When I came in and joined the business, I started adding little bits and pieces from my background in skincare. First we started offering small things like micropeels, and now we’re doing almost every aesthetic service you can think of that’s popular around this area. So anyways, Le Futur Medical Spa really started because of a group of guys who had a love of research and were intrigued by different procedures – like how cold could burn fat.”

What is the experience customers can expect when they come to Le Futur Medical Spa?

What I hear a lot from our customers is that they feel like family here. We’re an extremely small spa. There’s Debbie, the receptionist, and then myself. I’m the only one who does the skin treatments. So we’re a small circle. We have a doctor here about ten hours a week, but other than that you’re always going to see Debbie and you’re always going to see me. I would say that gives our spa a family-type of environment.

There’s also a high level of comfort at our spa. You walk into some spas and see chandeliers and marble floors. That’s nice, but at our spa people can come in yoga pants and feel comfortable. We’re a cozy environment, and we’re very personable. My overall goal is that the new people who walk in here will leave feeling like they’ve made a friend, and feeling comfortable enough to come back and trust me to work on their face.”

That level of customer interaction is important to shopping local. Can you share anything else that makes shopping local special?

“As far as the economy goes, shopping local is a huge help. But, there’s also that community connection. I have a ton of memorable moments here at the spa. I’ve had a grown woman come in and say she wouldn’t leave the house without makeup on because she felt like she looked like a monster. Six months later she’s saying, thank you for making me feel beautiful again. I really see beauty in everyone. I’ll get tears of happiness from my clients because I’m not judging them or making them feel gross for having pustules on their skin or scars. And, I don’t just compliment people for no reason. I truly mean what I say, and I think my clients know that.

I have people come in from all demographics, and I don’t pay attention to that at all. I treat everyone the same way, and my clients know that. People who come to me can see that I’m a real person, too. Some days I’ll come in without makeup on, and people can see that I have skin issues too. In fact, I use my skin issues as an example that this isn’t a one-and-done process. We all have issues. I try to boost self-esteem as much as I can. I think empowering women is such an important thing.

I know it sounds cliche, but we really are that way. We have a really close-knit relationship with people, and when a new person walks in I can guarantee that by the time they leave they’ll feel that connection.”

(Courtney Taylor and Aaryn Clayton)

(Courtney Taylor and Aaryn Clayton)

What do you love about the Evansville community?

“I’m from Evansville, and I’ve been here my entire life. I think it’s great to be in business here because it’s my hometown, and I get to see a lot of people that I know or have grown up with. I’ve also learned a lot about new people that have moved here. I’ve loved seeing Evansville grow, and I want to continue to see our business grow in the same way.”

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