Hit ‘em, Wreck ‘em, Texas Tech! Football season is in full swing in Lubbock, and we are ready to celebrate! That also means cheering on the Red Raiders. Your local Lubbock shops and businesses are ready to get in on the action, too. If you’re planning a tailgating party, needing an outfit to dress up for game day, or wanting to decorate to show your team spirit, we’ve got a list of the spots you can visit to help you do all of the above and more!

Fire up the grill for your next tailgate:

(Spatulas from The Outdoor Chef)

(Spatulas from The Outdoor Chef)

  1. The Outdoor Chef: Get your grills, smokers, and ALL cooking utensils right. here. You can also purchase spices, seasonings, and sauces to help your grilled meats and barbecue taste just right.

  2. Chopped & Sliced BBQ: Don’t want to do your own grilling? No problemo! Have your tailgate catered with mesquite-smoked barbecue and handmade barbecue sauces. Mmm!

  3. E & J Smokehouse: Check out their special tailgating package – you’ll get brisket, smoked chicken, smoked sausage, sides, a loaf of Texas Toast, and a quart of BBQ sauce to feed your entire group. Yum, yum!  Pro-tip: be sure to call ahead + order within 24 hours of your tailgate. Does that mean now?

  4. J & M BBQ & Express: Mesquite-smoked barbecue made fresh and hot and perfect for your next tailgate. Order for carryout OR have your food delivered, just in time for the game. Winninnnng!

  5. Tom & Bingo's BBQ: If you love a good BBQ sandwich, you’ll want to grab some of these hickory pit barbecue sandwiches to have at your tailgate. The brisket sandwich is to die for!

  6. Heart & Soul Cuisine: Want to go beyond the usual barbecue tailgate? Try Tuscan chicken pasta, lasagna, or pork loin at your next catered tailgate. Heart and Soul are expert caterers, and they will make sure you have everything you need for a successful event.

Don’t leave out the sweets:

  1. Simply Decadent Bakery: Order cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet treats for your next tailgate or game day event. With Simply Decadent, you can even place a quick order online. Let's go, interweb!

  2. Sweet Creations: Marsha’s delicious and fabulously decorated cakes are famous around Lubbock. Order one for your game day parties or grab some of the Tech-themed cookies.  

  3. Whisk’d: Wouldn’t it be great to make your own Texas Tech cookies? With the new Tech- themed cookie cutters from Whisk’d, you can! And of course, check them out for any other cookware products you need to host your next event.

Fuel up before the game:

  1. Sweet Creations: Donuts, eggs, cheese, and bacon are some of the best breakfast foods. Have them ALL TOGETHER in a sandwich before heading over to the game. So the real question is, why wouldn't you?!

  2. Josie's West: Getting a breakfast burrito from Josie’s before a Tech game is a Lubbock tradition. Fill up on carne asada and eggs to have the energy you need to cheer on a Tech win.

  3. Taqueria y Panaderia Guadalajara: Jalisco-style tacos for breakfast? Sounds like a TOUCHDOWN to us! Your taste buds will feel the pep (and hopefully Tech will, too!).

Prepare for game day events:

  1. The Fig & Flower: You’ll never go wrong decorating with flowers for a special occasion. Choose from roses, hydrangeas, and other gorgeous flowers for a custom or pre-designed bouquet. P.S! If you’re in charge of flowers for guests on the football field, The Fig & Flower has you covered. Call them for a solid design today!

  2. Armadillo Camera: Ditch those blurry phone pictures and capture some clear, professional pictures with a high-quality camera. Yes, you! Armadillo Camera sells some of the best cameras and camera equipment and can help you find the perfect tool to snap all the game day fun.  

  3. Route 66 Home Decor: Dress up your car or truck for tailgating so everyone can see that you are a TRUE Texas Tech fan. Find cute Tech decor and even Tech-themed car fresheners to give your ride some game day spirit. Go, you! 

  4. Package Plus: Show off your Tech pride to the whole neighborhood with a custom “Wreck ‘Em Tech!” sign right in the front yard. Or how about a custom sign at your next tailgate?

Ladies, get glammed up for game day:

^ T-shirt from Accessory Touch!

^ T-shirt from Accessory Touch!

  1. Hulla B'Lu: Show your Raider team spirit and your style with cute clear bags (Hello, Clear-bag Policy and other red and black clothing + accessories. You’ll look absolutely fab for the next game.

  2. Merle Norman Cosmetics across from the Jones: Red lipstick is super in-style AND it shows off your Red Raider pride. Stop by to get the perfect shade of red for your lips, and also take a gander at the Tech tees, kimonos, and clear game day bags. 

  3. Accessory Touch: The perfect outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories. Peep the jewelry, watches, footwear, and clothing that screams Texas Tech pride and head to the field in style. 

  4. Hair By Heather: Go ALL out with game day glam with a new hairstyle, mani-pedi. Heather will have you looking like your best self the next time you cheer on the Red Raiders.  

  5. Blissful Beauty: Chant “Wreck ‘Em Tech!” and bat those lashes while you’re at it. Get a full set of lashes to enhance those lovely eyes you’ve got. If you’re going out to cheer on the Raiders, might as well do it in style.  

  6. Lubbock in The Glow: Your school spirit is shining with full force, and your face will be, too, with a facial. A relaxing facial will have you not only looking glam, but also it will have your skin nice and hydrated before standing out in the stadium.


  1. Remedy Wellness: Have you heard of cryotherapy? This whole body cold temperature treatment will reduce pain and migraine symptoms – the perfect way to recover after an intense game day. You can also use cryotherapy as a tool to energize your body before you attend a wild and crazy (but sooo much fun!) Tech game.

  2. IVRS: Hydration therapy is the perfect cure for a hangover. Rehydrate your body and reduce nausea and pain with a special IV treatment. Best part? They come to you! P.S. Receive hydration therapy BEFORE heading to the game so you’ll be nice and hydrated before standing out in the sun!

Your local Lubbock shops and businesses are gearing up for an exciting college football season, and we’re ready to get in school spirit with them. Find all of these spots on Towny – your FREE resource for FREE perks you get when you support your local businesses + build up the community! Jump on Towny now!