Y'all know what time of year it is: FOOTBALL SEASON!

Whether you want to one-up the tailgate tent next to you or simply be prepared!, we see you. And while many of us are actually excited about football, for those who could use an inner pep squad to get ready to ruuuuummmbbbllllle, we got your number. (Get it? Like, on your jersey? That you own? For the game?)

Okay. Here's where to go to amp up for the best tailgating, footballing, game-ready season ahead. Ready? Okay!

1. You need Print Waco. Need. If you + your friends need new, matching rally socks (joking - but they can probably do it) for the game, the grocery, and all things sportsmanlike, then here's your people. Print Waco specializes in makin' it happen for screenprinting, embroidery + perfecting that lo.go. So, go-go. Click, drive, whatever - but get your t-shirt gear on, and make it your own! They also carry their own stock of really solid BU gear so if you need a spirited tee, Print Waco's your place!

2. Lane's on Austin to complete the look (+ SURPRISE!) It has been rumored that Lane's carries clear, McLane-approved purses (for those who haven't footballed in a while, attendees must follow the clear-bag policy). So, before you swing by the stadium, make sure you aren't stuck with a zip-loc! In other news, SURPRISE! If you didn't know, Lane's carries a stout route of YETI merch. Go get 'em! BUT STAY FOCUSED. You're going to see a LOT of things you'll want to take home ;) 

3. Okay, real talk. Amenities. First? Meat. Torres Meat House, a true hidden gem (for those that hath not heard). This'll be an experience. They just wanna get people the best quality meat at a ridiculously good price with exceptional service. Specializing in hand-cut steaks to order, made-in-house summer sausage, marinated chicken, beef, and pork, and deli meats. And it's not just meat for your pre-game or post-game celebraciónes. It's Torres Meat House spices and produce and freezer packs. You will feel better about your life if you go there. Touchdown! 

4. Go, Bears! Go, Bears! Go, Bears! Go, Bears, Go! If you wanna keep going, you're gonna need to hydrate. With actual water. Water Tree Waco water. What's the difference? There's an all natural antioxidant in it (+ alkaline), which (even doctors!) say keeps your body at a pH balance that is better than "normal water." If you're curious (or confused), don't worry – your fellow Wacoans RAVE about Kenneth + Tracy's willingness to educate their clients. Reviews are in: Water Tree Waco's water tastes great + does a body real, real good. (Their water is available by the bottle, case, or pallet – and all of their bottles are BPA-free as a part of their commitment to YOUR health. SQUAD GOALS.) Call a time-out and get informed. You can easily order it online or swing by their store. 

5. Bare Arms Brewing has your other liquids. B'r. Brewski. Golden Ale. Amber nectar. Suds. Tinnie. Cold one. Go local when it comes to your GameDay brewbabies. Bare Arms Brewing started by a bunch of local guys getting into the hobby of beer-making. They've perfected the craft + punny enough, their craft (beers) are now available for you to grab for #plans. Best news? They can bottle it before your very eyes (if you want that). Halftime here to view their homemade offerings. 

6. Make your friends happy. Make yourself happy. Get All Sugar'd UpIf you want to be the king or queen of the Tailgate, order up to All Sugar'ed Up. Two words: candied. apples. Winning! Cater your moment with something fabulous from this homegrown entity. YOU KNOW her stuff's impressive. Check them out here + let the glucose rise as we join together in cheer for the #hometeam. Go local! 

7. Post-game: hopefully you'll be celebrating a win EVERY! TIME! Either way, Dubl-R is there for you (and has been there for you. Since 1996.) "Hard to find, but worth it" sits on their website along with a gazillion reviews floating the interwebs about the GOODNESS of the Dubl-R burger. Tried + true, if you're all in your feelings, need to eat your feelings, or are celebrating the W – swing by, take-out, or call in. It'll remind you of why Waco local IS the home field advantage. 

8. Post-post game: Y'all. Cruise yourself off the Valley + into Shooters Billiards, Waco's only complete billiard parlor! They've got a daily Happy Hour goin' til 6PM + they're open nightly til 2AM! It's the perfect way to preclude or conclude a day of ballin', shot-callin', et cetera. 

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