Summer has drawn to a close and you find yourself on the road again...except now, instead of goin’ places you’ve never been, you’re headed towards the all-too-familiar destination of work or school. Not nearly as exciting as the beach, but hey, at least you won’t be tracking home bucket loads of sand. Perks??

Hot days + adventurous trips can rack up the miles and put your trusty carriage through the ringer. Don’t let your car hit the brakes on you: roll on over to some of these local auto shops to keep your car running as smooth as a freshly paved highway.

1. At Pacos Tires and Auto Shop, they go the extra mile so your car can too. Reviewers say they keep coming back for Pacos’ fair prices and great customer service. Wheel checks, brake services, tire alignments: check, check, and check!

2. In its 30 years of operations, Bill’s Automotive One Car & Truck has worked on nearly all makes + models of vehicles with wheels. Translation for you: unparalleled expertise! This Bentonville staple offers comprehensive (+ cost-effective!) auto repair and maintenance alternatives. So basically, if you got car probs, they’re the peeps you wanna befriend.

3. Fayetteville folks, schedule your 'mobile’s next check-up with C & C Automotive Services. You’ll get dealership-quality maintenance with all the friendliness of a mom-and-pop diner...that serves up oil and batteries instead of coffee and pancakes. Their “menu” includes a full range of garage services from routine maintenance to diagnostics to repairs + replacements! Honk, honk!

4. Did your trusty steed finally succumb to the heat? Or maybe your new college kid convinced you to let them take it...hey, it happens. If you and yours are in the market for a new ride, check out Garcia’s Auto Sales. Their philosophy: "car shopping should be fun + hassle-free," so they partner with you to make your car-buying experience feel like cruising down an open road with the top down! If you don’t find the right fit in their inventory, they’ll help you shop around—even if your sight is set on something new.

As old Tom Cochrane famously said, life is a highway, make sure your car is ready to ride it allll night long. Come ride with Towny to the distant shore. And by "distant shore," we definitely mean "local shops + perks galore." Download the free app today and map out your next neighborhood adventure!