When you want a juicy, satisfying burger with all (or none) of the fixings that you like, you gotta go local. Many of you probably already know about the goodness that is Waco’s burger scene but perhaps there are a few on this list you haven’t tried. The good news? Each of these are tried + true (even the newbie!) so ya can’t go wrong. Just out to find the best burg for you… anyone salivating yet? Mkay, good. In no particular order:

Evvverybody’s talkin’ about Christi's Hamburgers, “What a little gem of a place”, "Nice crispy bun and freshly cooked burgers!", “Perfect bun to meat ratio!” And the ruby-est gem of them all? Did. You. Know: Christi’s carries Big Red on TAP! (YES! We’re serious!) Big Red has been a Waco soft drink fixture since it’s inception in 1937. If you’re new to town, you need to know. Think cream soda + strawberry. Saaa-weet! Fresh veggies on your freshly made burger. Eating at Christi’s is stepping back in time, that old school, well-priced greasy spoon you love to love. They’ll give you warm and friendly service, fries or tots, good iced tea and rumor has it – homemade cookies if you’ve got room. (Make room, people.)

Captain Billy Whizzbang's is a funny name with a serious burger. Established in 1977, many a locals (maybe you!) have been visiting the Capt. since childhood. Never made before you order it, this counter-service, Waco delight will win you over fo sho. One Whizz-Pig burger at a time! What’s that? It’s Captain Billy Whizzbang’s signature burger, made with half ground bacon + half ground beef, with all the fixings for you to choose. PS - Billy’s sharin’ the wealth: 1) He got himself a food truck! And 2) It’s at Magnolia Market! If you are an avoider of downtown, you can always visit the mothership of Whizzbang on Lake Air, just off the Valley ;) Onion rings, fried pickles, sweet potato fries, Cajun chips, and fried jalapeños be waitin’ for you there. (PPS - Trust me when I say: dessert.)

Drive-thru, dine in, take-out, or call in an order from Dubl-R Old-Fashioned Burgers and you’ll join the ranks of happy Wacoans everywhere. Something to the tune of, “One of Waco’s best known secrets.” There will probably be a lotta people there when you walk in – not to worry, service is fast. Here’s the review that says it all: “There's really nothing that's more American than an old fashioned, flat patty, griddle style hamburger topped with grilled onions, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and mustard all layered between two buttered and grilled buns served with fries in a red plastic burger basket. If you want one of the best, don't pass through Central Texas without stopping in.” We couldn’t agree more. The next time you’re after a grill-top burger, on the go or on the Dubl, stop by this place.

And newest on the burger scene is The Backyard Bar, Stage, and Grill. The Backyard is known for its shows, bar, 40-foot screen, amazing food, and generally awesome gathering spot (be it for families during the day/evening or for friends on a night out). That “amazing food” includes a couple dozen types of sliders! Try the Black and Bleu, an all-beef patty topped with melted blue cheese, fresh lettuce, and tomato. Won’t go wrong with the Nacho Mama or the Mushroom Swiss. And if it’s a big burger you’re after, The Backyard’s got your covered. Order the Russ’ Hangover and you’ll get a burger topped with American cheese, crispy bacon, and a fried egg. (Wait! Not done yet!) That’s topped with onion strings and served with spicy ranch. Zing!

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