Sometimes it seems like there’s no end to the fixes and updates you need to do on your home. From replacing old appliances to painting faded walls, there’s always something that needs to be done to keep your home in tip-top shape. Don’t get overwhelmed!

Acadiana is full of local shops that have the tools and expert professionals who can help you take care of those around-the-home projects. Check out our list of nine local businesses that can give you a handy hand with tweaks that make home feel that much more homey, homey.

  1. Fall has arrived and while it hasn’t cooled off just yet, remember how good it feels to have a cozy fire going during the cold weather? Warm up your place b-b-b-efor-r-r-e it’s too late with a fireplace from Busch Fireplaces. They provide high-quality products for indoor and outdoor fireplaces (fire under the stars anyone?), as well as installation and maintenance services. Keep the home fires burning bright!

  2. If you need to update your home appliances, think twice before going to the nearest box store. At Richard Hebert Maytag you can find a huge range (see what we did there?) of products, extended warranty plans to fit any budget, and factory-trained technicians who provide reliable service. Best part? They are local and family-owned. Find exactly what you need whether it’s a dishwasher, refrigerator, or other home appliance, and keep your house running smoothly.

  3. What’s a home without a family portrait on the wall? Daniel Izzo of Nouveau Photeau provides professional family photographs (as well as school, pet, and child photos). Nouveau Photeau strives to ensure that your portrait is a unique expression of YOU that captures your personality. Portraits are a perfect home decoration as well as a family heirloom that will last for generations.

  4. Robby Bishop has been a photographer for more than 30 years, and he is more than qualified to provide that perfect family or solo portrait to hang above your fireplace (wink, wink), or anywhere special, really. Robby Bishop Photography is known for their unique style of photographs and their custom album designs. Holla, coffee table. Have your photograph taken and gain a priceless addition to your home feels.

  5. You’re gonna find gorgeous fine art painted by local Louisiana artists at the art gallery in The Frame Shop & Gallery 912. These paintings are full of color and life and would make a gorgeous addition to your walls. Already have some artwork you want to hang up but don’t know how to do it justice? Shop the frame selection or have a custom frame made to fit the size and style of your art. Pro-tip: Go with what you love. Frame art, memorabilia from your favorite trip or relative you want to keep close, maybe even a piece of artwork by a child. Think outside the box but take those thinks straight to the pros at The Frame Shop & Gallery 912!

  6. Home renovations aren’t just about decor. Sometimes, the best way to bring some life into your home is by adding the sweet sound of music. Prof Erny's Music sells a wide range of musical instruments including guitars, violins, and other ones to bring musical notes to match the atmospheric notes of your home. Come shop for an instrument you already know how to play, or consider trying something new!

  7. Summer may be over, but those pesky mosquitos are still floating around. The Buzz Fuzz offers a special three-step plan to safely and efficiently reduce mosquitos around your home. Contact them today for ultimate mosquito control so you can enjoy relaxing in your yard in peace.

  8. When you’re watching a movie, you want to be IN the movie. You know, fighting bad guys, standing on the sidelines of a street race, or helping Marlin find Nemo?! With a home theater system from Audio Video Innovators you can get fully immersed in the action of your favorite films, sports games, or television shows. Reach out to the experts at Audio Video Innovators for a complete home theater, speaker system, or other entertainment electronics. Don’t limit the tech available to you in your home!

  9. A floor rug adds a pop of color and style as well as cozy comfort to your living room and bedrooms. Shop at Rug Gallery By Gerami's to find rugs for any color or size of room. They offer hundreds of rug options, knowledgeable associates, and they even let you take rugs home to test out if you aren’t 100 percent confident about your choice. Come by to make a purch or simply walk around the showroom to gain inspo from all them styyyles.

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