Running errands each week can start to feel repetitive and boring, but if you make it a date, that may give you just the spark you need to get those errands done quickly and with a smile on your face. That’s right. Why not turn your errands into a date?! It’s the perfect way to check those items off your to-do’s and get in some quality time with your significant other, a kiddo you need to spend time with, a parent, or a pal. So grab your person, jump in the car, and get going! Check off your list at some of these local spots:

1. Just do it. Load up your mower, weed eater, anything that needs fixin’ with a small engine: a blower, generator, your water pump – bring em all. Central Texas Mowers has you covered. These guys are known for telling the truth about your machine’s “situation” and giving you a price that wins.

2. Roy Beatty Dry Cleaners. Drop off that once-a-year wear. Or that thing that just needs a zipper fixed. Or your oriental rug! YES! Roy Beatty Dry Cleaners does all this and more. Maybe your person will even ride with you to pick up your things! Dream ;)

3. That annoying thing your computer (or printer) won’t stop doing? Prompt Technology. While you’re dropping things off, leave your tech with the pros. Pro-tip (haha, can’t stop the shining): call them before showing up so they’re ready for you when you’re ready for them. Your motherboard’s gonna look so gooooood.

4. Now that you’ve gotten some things out of your home, let’s see what you need to get into it. Swing by Waco Bargain Center to peruse some appliances, furniture for any room of your home, and hey, need any kids’ furniture? They’ve got that, too! (Make an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day wishlist while you’re at it!)

5. Ohhh, y’all are gonna get excited about this one: Sign This Waco! If it’s something that needs to be printed onto something else, Sign This Waco is going to provide you with exactly what you need. Need to make a team t-shirt? Family reunion coming up? Decals, banners, vehicle wraps! Signs, promotional products, commercial building signs, realtor signs! Sign This Waco is your one-stop-shop for all home + biz needs. (We might add, also your one-stop-shop for any inside joke needs such as printing large car stickers, about your friend, running for local office, even if they’re not…just sayin’. Practical jokers – UNITE!)

6. If only your walls could speak. Let them! Zip by Penni Wise Custom Framing to make the most of the art, diploma, photo, or portrait… Penni (who is an actual person) + her team are amazing at working with clients to make their framing dreams a reality. Penni also has a gift for color so if you have no idea what you’re doing, no worries. You can trust her :)

7. Staring at a ding in your windshield? Waco Auto Glass. Need the entire window replaced? Repaired? Waco Auto Glass is ON IT. For all makes and models of cars! They often go beyond a clients’ expectation and want you to be pleased with their work. Ding by today!

8. Be ahead of your game with Waco Lock and Key. If you didn’t get a spare fob or key from the dealership or locksmith last time, consider gettin’ one done this time. Waco Lock and Key also provides all kinds of residential + commercial keys, and often, for a better price. Don’t get locked out without a solution! (Do it for your emergency contact!) You’ll be happy with this simple, straightforward process + how much access you have when it’s all said and done!

9. End your day-te with flowers in hand! Wolfe Florist FTW! This multi-service florist offers fresh cut flowers from around the world. Owned + managed by 5th and 6th generation florists, we’re comfortable saying you’re in good hands. Flowers, in your hands, that are good. Yay! (PS. If you think flowers are too frou-frou for you you, the designers at Wolfe are trained in makin’ magic on any budget sooo, double YAY!)

Errands done? Check. Time spent with someone you love? Double check. Look at you! While you’re checking items off your list, don’t forget to add “save money, back the Waco economy + support local business owners’ dreams…download Towny.” Towny’s the FREE app that allows you to explore the area, choose local, and rewards you with deals + freebies for doing it! Check it out (and then check it off your list) today!