Running errands each week can start to feel repetitive and boring, but if you make it a date, that may give you just the spark you need to get those errands done quickly and with a smile on your face. That’s right. Why not turn your errands into a date?! It’s the perfect way to check those items off your to-do’s and get in some quality time with your significant other. So grab your person, jump in the car, and get going! Check off your list at some of these local spots:

  • For a phone that’s so smart, it sure seems to get broken easily. If you’re having issues with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, take it over to Phone Smart Repair. Their expert techs can help you figure out the problem and provide a solution in a quick but careful way. Chances are your significant other has something that needs fixing too, so come one, come all – cracked, dropped, and broken; they’re ready for ya.

  • If you and your partner cleaned out the house recently and can’t figure out what to do with that extra clock or those old tools you don’t use anymore, bring them by Sohn & Associates. This full-service auction company specializes in antiques, firearms, estate sales, and more. Auction what you own or sell it on consignment. Cha-ching!

  • The professionals at Riecken's Foot Comfort World specialize in helping customers find the perfect shoe for their foot and body. This helps you avoid leg and back pain, as well as serious foot problems. Shop for shoes and foot-comfort aides, and of course, bring your boo with you. They deserve a comfy shoe as well, don’t you think? (Maybe even TWO!)

  • If you haven’t noticed, certain plants are so hawt right now :) Looking for indoor or outdoor leafy greens to add to your home? Colonial Classics Landscape & Nursery has a huge variety of trees, shrubs, grasses, and other plants, as well as the experienced staff to help you find the foliage that’s just right for you. Bring along your partner for a second opinion. You’ll have a great time browsing the rows and rows of gorgeous greenery. (So much carbon dioxide, you’re not even going to know what to do with yourself. Just breathe.)

  • Nothing says “I love you” quite like being willing to go with your partner to take care of mundane tasks like having your car repaired. At Thrifty Car Care Center, you two won’t be bored at all. This family-owned and run business provides excellent service and uses advanced techniques to repair just about any issue with your automobile. Drop off your car and do something fun you never get to do together. Pro-tip: Don’t have another car to spare? Bring a game or shock that human of yours with all the reasons you love who they are. It’ll be the best auto repair you’ve ever had to get :)

Errands done? Check. Time spent with your partner? Double check. Look at you! While you’re checking items off your list, don’t forget to add “save money, back the E-ville economy + support local business owners’ dreams…download Towny.” Towny’s the FREE app that allows you to explore the area, choose local, and rewards you with deals + freebies for doing it! Check it out (and then check it off your list) today!