Bark, bark! Do I have your attention? It’s me, Rover, and I’m here to remind you about National Dog Day happening Sunday, August 26th. National Dog Day is all about celebrating your favorite, four-legged friends (ahem!). We bring so much comfort and joy into your lives that celebrating us for one day out of the year should be a no-brainer. Looking for ways to pamper and nourish your pupp-eteer here in the Evansville area? Here’s a list of several local pet shops with the treats and pampering we love!

P.S. Taking us to frolic in Central Bark Dog Park wouldn’t hurt either!

  1. I love to play in the yard and get dirty, but I also love to be clean, too! Take your dogs (and cats if you must – eyeroll) to Main Street Pet Parlor for a special bath, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and other grooming services. We’ll leave looking our very best.

  2. Leaving your pet pal alone on National Dog Day would be an absolute tragedy. But, if you absolutely must be out of town that day, drop your beloved dog off at A Touch of Class Doggy Style. They’ve got indoor and outdoor areas for pet boarding, as well as pet specialists to provide care, attention, and activities. They also offer grooming services and pet accessories!! We’ll be in good hands so you can rest easy on your travels.

  3. National Dog Day is all about happiness and fun. The best way to make sure that I stay happy is to make sure that I stay healthy. A trip to Warrick Veterinary Clinic (located in Newburgh and Boonville) will help you know whether or not everything’s in good order. They provide stellar veterinary service, and can provide emergency help when we’re hurt or sick. Yes, it's like 9-1-1. But for dogs. 

  4. Who’s been a good boy? I’ve been a good boy! And, I’m looking forward to an extra special treat on N.D.D. Swing by Gabbi's Pet Boutique to find the perfect item to make my day. Think Christmas stockings gone dog wild. They've got a great selection of treats, toys, food, pet clothes, and other products your favorite doggo is sure to love. Read more about this amazing pet boutique here!

  5. Do you pay attention to the food you’re feeding your pup? Our nutritional health is extremely important! For Dog Day this year, consider upgrading the food you purchase for Fluffy and Fido. Try Give A Dog A Bone – Newburgh’s healthy pet food store and source of education on all things pet nutrition. Learn about the owners + their gorgeous story, Liz and Quincy, here!

Alright, I’ve given you plenty of ideas on how YOU can treat your dog this National Dog Day. So get out there and give us (or the dog next door) the loving we deserve! Be sure to check out all of these spots (no, not my spots) when you download Towny – your totally free resource for perks and connections to all things local in the Tri-State area.