Where do you get your food?

Our crystal ball tells us your most likely response is, "A grocery store, of course!" But today we challenge you to broaden your horizons and consider answering the same question with these local stores offering premium care + food with an intention! (But not pressure!)

  • Avalon Nutrition is a local independent health food store with a huge range of vitamins + probiotics; quality supplements; and nutritious foods, nuts, and snacks. Plus, you’ll leave with more than just your bags in hand: the Avalon Nutrition staff is extremely knowledgeable and will provide you with information to help you make healthy decisions and choose the right items for your health needs. That’s value money can’t buy.
  • Besides serving up the best pupusas in town (and an entire menu of other savory Salvadoran food items), La Despensa Latina actually sells a limited supply of grocery items – with a bit of Latino flavor of course. They’ve got your basics covered, like sodas and spices and snacks, oh my! And be sure to check out their piñata selection and all the flavorful candies you can use to fill it! (Cue the HBD song!)
  • Consider yourself a bit of a master of the culinary arts? Then you’ll definitely want to add some premium olive oils + specialty balsamic vinegars to your cuisine palette. Cask + Grove has a rotating selection of 40-some oils and vinegars, all using the freshest ingredients available during any given season. Because the highest quality olives = the highest quality olive oil = the highest quality flavor on your plate.
  • For the coffee connoisseur who expects only the best for his or her pour over, set your sights on JoyHouse Coffee Co. With a tagline of “Rise Up. Choose Joy,” you already know you’re in for a delight. But the added bonus: all their coffee is ethically sourced straight from the fertile fields of Haiti and expertly dried, roasted, and packaged there. Swing by their new store front for a freshly brewed cup, or snag a few bags of their refreshing JoyHouse blend or rich and bold Leve Kanpe blend.
  • Let us preface this by saying, Terra Tots is SO much more than a “grocery store.” But we think their apothecary section deserves a special shoutout. They offer support for moms + moms-to-be with a selection of prenatals, probiotics, and other pregnancy must-haves. And for your littles, who only deserve the very best, most pure and natural: may we direct your attention to the Birth Song Botanicals line which includes a range of products from diaper salve to respiratory support to ear oil.
  • Three Dog Bakery: because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to spoil their furry best friend? Three Dog Bakery is your one-stop-shop for all things canine. They sell holistic dog food, toys, leashes, bedding, and beyond. And they are they only places in town you can snag some fresh-baked, all-natural pastries for your pup. So celebrate the heck out of Frodo’s birthday. You know he deserves every ounce of your love.
  • Why not skip a trip to the store all together and opt for easy-peasy premade meals? Order from the fresh + healthy menu at Evolve Paleo to schedule your week’s worth of chef-prepared paleo dishes. For the ultimate convenience, you can even have your meals delivered right to your front door (just make sure you’re within their delivery area)! Shopping local never felt so easy, nor tasted so FRESH.
  • Step-Up Nutrition offers another easy + yummy meal alternative for those busy on-the-goers, especially you health conscious ones. A blueberry cheesecake shake may sound like a recipe for guilt, but not at Step-Up Nutrition. Their lineup of nutritious shakes will trick you into thinking you’re indulging – and you really are in for a treat! Just one that gives you an extra boost of health + energy.

So maybe a coffee bar or pupusería don’t fit neatly into your mental category of “grocery stores,” but today we're nudging you to ask yourself: why not? Should you desire to feed your body with something that comes from a little closer to home, let the Towny app be your guide to all grocery-carrying local stores and more (+ FREE perks to boot!). Get it before you go!