Queso, margaritas, chips + salsa – oh my! There's no place like Tex-Mex + we want to welcome you to three of Waco's best stops for satisfying that Mexican food itch. ¡Vámonos!

Uno! La Fiesta is a long-standing, Waco Tex-Mex machine! Best known for their margs + scrumptious food, you won't be sorry if you stop by for some grub. With live music weekly on Friday + Saturday evenings “La Fiesta” lives up to it's name translating to “the party.” If a bit of sunshine is calling you, take a table on the patio. Side note: these folks have been making + serving people food for 85 years in Central Texas. Taste the rich history + commitment to excellence with every bite! 

Dos! Anyone else seen the gleaming white building with the ocean-blue Mexican art on the side? Next time, pull in. You're at Hecho en Waco. Grab a chair, sit down, enjoy Hecho's fabulous chips + bean dip + relax! Where many Mexican restaurants in town are primarily Tex-Mex, the focus here is on what's authentic. Brother and sister ownership duo, Pedro + Lupita, have been working together for years. Pedro came to the States when he was 20 following the American dream. Lupita began working with her brother when she was very young. They chose their menu from dishes in various Mexican cities-- meals that no one else in town offers. They also juice all of their fruit for margaritas in house! YUM! Truly, "Made in Waco!"

Tres! Taqueria El Mexicano Grill #9All the locals know, this is the place to go for generous portions, fantastic prices, and a flavorful good meal of a time. Taqueria El Mexicano Grill #9 is inconspicuously located up Valley Mills toward the lake. Open for breakfast at 6AM, and through lunch + dinner - there are plenty of opportunities to savor Taqueria's tasty dishes. You'll be met by a laid back vibe where it feels like family + tastes even better! 

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