It seems like there is no end to the list of errands we need to run each week. There are the standard errands (grocery shopping, filling up on gas, going to the cleaners), and then there are the unexpected errands (running to the tire shop to replace a flat, a trip to the craft store to get googly eyes for your child’s school project, or scrambling to the post office to mail a belated birthday gift.)

Sometimes, running all of those errands can be a total bore. Consider bringing along your significant other! That’s right, why not turn your errands into a fun yet casual date? A little bit of quality time AND checking those need-to-do tasks off your list sounds like the perfect combo. Grab your partner, jump in the car, and get going!

  • If you or your partner need to upgrade or replace any of the appliances in your home, chances are you’ll find what you need at Richard Hebert Maytag. Stop by their showroom to browse the large selection of kitchen and home appliances to match your budget, needs, and style. You can also call one of the factory-trained technicians any time you need repairs or maintenance.  

  • A friend’s or loved one’s opinion can be super helpful when decorating. Make your next couples outing a trip to The Interior Fabric Shoppe where you’ll find high-quality fabrics for upholstery, bedding, and drapes, as well as other products for interior decor. They have one of the largest collections of interior fabrics and home decor in Southern Louisiana, so if anything you’ll have a blast just browsing around.

  • Your heart certainly isn’t broken but your phone or other devices might be. uBreakiFix can repair just about any device-related issue like screen damage, water damage, battery upgrades, and pretty much anything that might be plaguing your phone, tablet, or computer. Chances are both you and your significant other have something that needs fixing, so come on by together.

  • Nothing says “I love you” quite like being willing to go with your partner to take care of mundane tasks like dry cleaning. However, a trip to Breaux's Cleaners is anything but mundane. This family-owned cleaners has been operating in the heart of Cajun County for more than 75 years. With friendly staff and five-star customer service you’ll have the assurance of clean clothes and a good time.

Errands done? Check. Time spent with your partner? Double check. Look at you go! While you’re checking items off your list, don’t forget to add “download Towny”. Towny is the FREE app that shows you the perks available at the local shops and businesses in Acadiana. Check it out (and then check it off your list) today!