Your stomach is rumbling, you’re too tired to cook, and you’ve got a taste for something fresh and delicious. You know what it’s time for? Mexican food! In fact, when is it ever not time for Mexican food? We want to let you know about three locally owned and operated spots where you can get a tasty Mexican meal in Evansville. ¡Vámonos!

  1. If you’re a burrito lover, imagine going to a place with more than 10 types of burritos! Nachos Grill has all sorts of burrito options from wet burritos to “Texano”-style burritos stuffed with BBQ pork. The menu is GIGANTE and has all of your favorite Mexican dishes and more. Come grab a bite at this cherished Evansville restaurant.

  2. Finding homemade tamales that are authentic AND tasty can be a mejor challenge. At Las Americas Store & Restaurant, challenge accepted! You’ll love their tamales and you’ll love all of the other authentic Mexican food they serve. In addition to a fresh meal, you can also pick up a cold beer, snack items, or take care of any check-cashing needs. They’ve got you covered!

  3. High quality ingredients + friendly staff + classic Mexican dishes with a modern twist = El Rio Mexican Cuisine. This family-owned Evansville restaurant gives you food that’s muy delicioso and an atmosphere that’s warm and upbeat. Try one of their specialties like the quesadillas rellenos or enchiladas supremas, or try one of the sweet, Mexican desserts like sopapillas, churros, or cheesecake chimichangas. (Is your mouth watering yet?)

We know you’re ready to head out and fiesta, but before you go be sure to check out these local Mexican restaurants on Towny. What’s Towny? It’s the FREE app that connects you to exciting perks when you shop + eat at the local businesses in your community. Download the Towny app today! ¡Que bien!