Bark, bark, bark-bark! Ohhh sorry, I shall speak Human. Why am I so excited? Because National Dog Day is right! around! the corner! Sunday, August 26th to be exact! Waco is home to some serious dog lovers (you know the ones!), so I have no doubt you’ll be celebrating your beloved furry friends...RIGHT?! 

The biggest treat you can give us dogs on National Dog Day is to take us with you! While not every place in Waco is dog-friendly, I’ve taken it upon myself to create a list for you (yes, old dogs can learn new tricks + I taught myself to type) -- a list of the local spots you can go with YOUR dog on Dog Day (and year-round, my people).

Grab my leash, and let’s go out + explore!

  1. Got a craving for a scrumptious something? So do I. Katie's Custard will hit. the. spot. No, I'm not Spot. It'll -- nevermind. THIS PLACE is known for its cold desserts + tasty foods, as well. Thing is, I'm invited. So's your pup. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate but us dogs gonna ice-cream-ate, ate, ate, ate, ate. Oh yes! We catch every morsel that falleth from the sky (your table). Can we please go there TODAY!?? Maybe they have a puppiccino waiting for meeeee. A pup can dream...

  2. My people always seem to like it at Bare Arms Brewing. My owners LOVE craft beer + because this brewery is so conveniently local, we go there a lot. I tend toward the popcorn, mixed nuts + SNACKS! But my people like to drink from the tap room + YES! on the weekends, there are food trucks! Because we're there so often, I've heard the story a million times: these mechanical engineering students got into homebrewing + wouldn't relent until their recipes were just right. They took a leap and did the hard work to open this place and I LOVE IT! because all the dog friends are allowed there, too. So-cial-iiiize. 

  3. Speaking of allowed to be places: The Backyard Bar, Stage, and Grill! WHAT could be better than a backyard that is not actually MY backyard!? Concerts, drinks, games, cool visuals like their humungo screen + fountain...for National Dog Day, I want to see Snoop Dogg sing "The Dog Days Are Over" at The Backyard – do you think you can make that happen? (Regardless, please pencil in a playdate with my best Fido friends asap, at least in honor of N.D.D.!)

  4. If you really wanted to show the world you care about us, you'd take us to the Waco Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday. ALLLL of my friends go + they say how their people get tamales and special drinks and jewelry and plants and food that used to be plants. They tell me you get full-doggy massages from anywhere between 12 and 47 people (mostly children) and your people just sit around and chat and you get to bask in the sunlight -- it's too much! I can't take it anymore. Either you take me for Dog Day or I'm really gonna climb under the hole in the fence and never come back. :cue the puppy eyes: 

  5. Heads up for the Hippodrome's Dogtoberfest in October! 

Alright, now get waggin' out there with your dog before. Be sure to check out all of these stops when you download Towny – your totally free resource for perks and connections to all things local in Waco. DL it here and I'll obey you!