Bark, bark, bark-bark! Ohhh sorry, I shall speak Human. Why am I excited? Because National Dog Day is right around the corner: Sunday, August 26th to be exact! Acadiana is a region that loves its pups, so I have no doubt you’ll be celebrating your beloved furry friends, right?! The biggest treat you can give us dogs on National Dog Day is to take us with you when you go out and about on your daily doings. While not every place in Acadiana is dog-friendly, I’ve taken it upon myself (on behalf of me and all other puppers out there) to create a list for you of the local spots you can go with your dog on Dog Day (and year round, my people). Grab my leash, and let’s go out + explore!

  1. You people and your computers. While I don’t understand what could possibly be so engaging about those metal boxes, I do know that when your computing is having problems you are one unhappy human. Lucky for you, Doghouse Computers has been solving Acadiana’s computer problems since 2001. They’re totally dog-friendly, so when you zip over to Doghouse Computers to get expert help in a flash, you can bring your lovely dog, too. Warm fuzzies, we know! We know!

  2. Grooming is soooo healthy for us pups. It keeps us from having skin problems, and it keeps us looking absolutely fabulous. You humanpeople need to be groomed every now and then, too, and I know the perfect spot! Mon Reve Salon has professional and talented stylists who can give your hair the style and sheen to have you feeling as confident as I feel furry. They also provide makeup services for those special events. Don't even think about it with me buuuut, I will take a mani-pedi. I have four. Best part is: Mon Reve Salon welcomes pups like me with open paws soooo, why are we still at home? 

  3. Got a craving for delicious, gourmet tacos? So do I. Taco Sisters will hit the spot. They’re known for a mouth-watering smoked fish taco and other amazing meat + veggie tacos, BURRITOS, and salads. Their tacos are made FRESH TO ORDER (order for meeee!), and they use LOCAL INGREDIENTS as much as possible and I've been smelling those all DAYYYYY! Taco Sisters has two locations AND a food truck, so basically what I'm telling you is don't walk, run. And take me with you. (I'm allowed. WINNING!) 

  4. Fresh air, friendly people, and the smell of grilled oh man! These are just a few of the things we doggos absolutely love, and you can find them all at The Wurst Biergarten. Please don’t leave us at home the next time you go! You’ll also get to have delicious, craft beers and live entertainment. It’s a good time for everyone, paws down!

  5. Where can you go for food and drinks that are health conscious and taste like heaven? To Tribe Collective, of course! This dog-friendly, Lafayette shop serves breakfast, lunch, coffee, and juices that you can enjoy with your dog on the outdoor patio or take it to-go. They have tons of amazing vegan and gluten-free options! (Believe me -- me and my friends have caught a lotta lucky "spills" and "drops" offa those tables, lol. And yes, I can lol. Don't judge.) Furthermore, the owners of Tribe C. are friendly and knowledgeable about healthy food and healthy lifestyles, so that's good because we want our people in take-me-on-a-walk shape. Always. Like, always. PS - Wanna take me for a walk? It's a good walk! It'll be fun! Please, please, please?! (Puppy eyes UNITE.)

  6. If you can’t take your beloved pet-person with you on National Dog Day, don’t fret! You can pick up dog treats, chew toys, or some scrumptious pet food from Ranch Outlet. My mouth is watering already! Ranch Outlet is your Acadiana resource for ranching and hunting gear + apparel. BUT. They love us doggies, too! Pick up a special treat for your pet (or me) to say happy National Dog Day to Rover and Fido. 

Alright now get waggin' out there with your dog. Be sure to check out all of these stops when you download Towny – your totally free resource for perks and connections to all things local in Acadiana. DL it here and I'll obey you!