The BEST holiday of the year is just around the corner. That’s right– National Dog Day is Sunday, August 26th. Best holiday according to who, you ask. According to ME!, Rover, and all your furry pupper friends out there. Need some help figuring out where to go to treat your pet pal for Dog Day? Well, I happen to know of three local Lubbock spots where you can show us the love we (definitely) deserve.

  1. A healthy pup is happy pup! There’s no better way to treat us canine companions on National Dog Day than to make sure our health and wellness is up. to. par. Frenship Pet Clinic is the Lubbock-based veterinarian that knows exactly how to best take care of your dogs and (ugh) cats. Bring us in for nutritional counseling, vaccinations, preventative medicine, emergency services, or any other dog health needs.

  2. Going out of town on National Dog Day? No guilt and shame from me! As much as your doggos will miss you, we’ll be happy and safe at Four Paws Pet Resort. (Can I please have a mani-pedi? 4 paws, please.) This pet boarding paradise has spacious, climate-controlled suites and friendly staff to give us tons of love and attention. Call ahead of time to schedule a stay!

  3. If you don’t have a dog to celebrate National Dog Day, don’t shed a tear. Simply make your way to Pets Plus. They have several breeds of dogs that are just waiting to warm your heart (and vice versa!). If you’ve already got a pup (a.k.a already got an amazing life), Pets Plus has the food, treats, toys, and other wonders that will make a pet-perfect gift.

When you give your dog some extra TLC at one of these three spots, you can rest assured that you’re contributing to your local business community and boosting your local economy. You can find these local shops (and other, real life perks!) on the totally free Towny app. Check it out before you go. Don't want you to miss a Dog Day! :) Take a quick peek here!