To: My Humans
From: Your Favorite Pupper Around (Moi!)

I love you guys sooo much! I’m so glad you’re my people. I love when you give me a treat after I go potty outside, I love when we take walks at night and I get to bark at all my friends on our street. But my favorite thing EVER is going on car rides with you! It’s so fun to stand in your lap (even when you tell me not to) and stick my head out the window!

Well my pal Lucy down the street – you know, that real cute lab that always runs along the fence with us? – she says there are a couple places around town that love dogs as much as our people love us(!!!). I thought, in honor of National Dog Day on August 26, maybe we could go on another car ride to check them out! Pleeeeaaaaasssse?!!

  1. As you probably know, the only thing better than rolling around in the dirt out back is rolling around in the dirt out back after a bath and fresh trim. That feeling of dirt on clean fur is enough to make me run circles! Well, Dig My Dog Grooming & Boarding is the hottest dog spa in town. That's right – they can hand-scissor where I’m sensitive or give me a personality cut that really brings out my breed. AND they rub me all over with these great smelling soaps before they spray me with water. It’s a blast! (It's a literal blast. Of water. But it's also SO! FUN!) 

  2. Ok, those treats you keep on the fridge are so tasty and I just can’t. stop. wagging my tail when you grab the box. But Three Dog Bakery makes these special dog treats that alllllll my friends at the dog park can’t stop whining about. Drooling. There is drool. Apparently they’re “all-natural” and “artisan”...well I don’t really know what that means, but I DO know they are so, SO tasty. Since I haven’t eaten the trash today, do you think we could get one of those peanut butter biscuit bones they sell??? 

  3. You know how much I love to be a good boy...I live to make you happy! If you take me to The Canine Connection, I can learn ALL the tricks! (I mean, I learned to type, didn't I!?) They'll help me be the best bittle boy (or whatever you're callin' me that day)! I can even graduate to more advanced classes once I master all the commands in the first one. The other dogs say they also have a doggy daycare that's so fun you forget your master left you, but I know you don’t ever want to leave me so, yeah, I haven’t asked you much about that... *cue my best puppy eyes*

  4. Because you are the best dog parents in the world, I wish I could buy you lots of toys and outfits like you buy for me. But one thing I CAN do is go shopping with you and help you pick out the best-smelling shirt! (I'll know it when I see it and I promise I won't leave any of my liquids ANYWHERE. Dogs' honor.) We could go to Vesta’s! Bring me shopping with you. Bring me shopping with you. Bring me shopping with you because on Saturday the 25th they will have water + baked treats (water and baked treats, water and baked treats!!) for me and Salty Dog Cocktails for you...put it in your phone. Pupper-please? Saturday the 25th! 

  5. Another place we can shop together is Something Urban Boutique. I'm feeling urban. Are you feeling urban? They even have weekly special date nights for moms and their fur babies called “Yappy Hour” where you get discounts just for bringing me along (just make sure you "like" their Facebook to find out when). No, no I am NOT crying happy tears of inclusion. I'm not. It's my aller--was that a squirrel!?! ... So, my personal fave part of their store is their “Basic B Line” because it’s a whole bunch of clothes dedicated to expressing how much you love yours truly! Obviously, we have to go, right? I'll run in circles until you're ready. 

I knoooow you’ll be just as eager to check these places out as I am! I smell some pastries in my future! 

PS - Don’t forget to download the free Towny app so you can keep track of all the other places around town that are owned by local dog-lovers! I heard you can even use the app to get special perks, which means we can definitely splurge on my birthday cake, right?...Right?...Hello?