Back to school typically means a lot of gearing up – literally – and usually, it's mom or dad who are doing the running around, (school) hunting + gathering. Supplies and sign-ups and shoes, oh my! YES, to getting your kids ready for going back to school, but what about YOU!? We've run a shortlist below so you can take care of both YOU *and* them, local style. 

TAKIN' CARE OF BUSINESS (and by business we mean: your kiddos)

1. Growing, growing, gone: buy (inexpensive) school clothes!

Get your kids what they need without breaking the bank! Smarty Pants offers brands you know and love for way less dollars than a full-price store. Some pieces are new, with tags. Worried about the stigma? Don't be. One in three women shopped secondhand last year, 9 million more than the year before. Smarty Pants is just that. It's a no-brainer. 

2. Cute cut!

New school year, new clothes, new do, new you? Haircuts! Your short-haired kids will LOVE the hipness of RocMyStyle and you'll love their new, clean style. (Check their kids' prices here.) Get a trimmy-trim-trim or a completely new look on the books at La Bella Salon and Beauty Lounge before it's too late. And by too late, we mean: picture day.

3. Get them lists (knocked) out!

Scoooool supplies. Don't let THE LIST get the best of you. Take your art-savvy kiddos to MC Art Supplies to fulfill all of their: dreams, potential, and their school's requirements. 

4. Make them mems: squeeze out the last bit of summer fun (if you're up for it?). 

Take your peeps for a slice of fam-fun. Get Waco Escape Rooms, Flips Gymnastics, or Waco Paddle Company on the books before they hit the books (see what I did there?).

Take care of yourself

1. Get yo'self ready 

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first! We know that once the school season gets rolling, things can be pretty busy. Check in with one of Waco’s best before YOU go full-on back to school! The Alternative Touch Wellness Spa offers a host of services, things like innovative skin, laser, and weight loss treatments that benefit your skin, beauty, and health. Want to do the season well? Start with wellness

If you're goin' for a beyond-the-epidermis pick-me-up, take some time to wander through Sironia. Grab something for your nest or really cute, new somethin' somethin' for the start of school – think a top, dress, or bauble. Feeling like commemorating + going all out? Sironia has gorgeous custom jewelry made on-site. Before your very eyes. Whatever you do, enjoy.

2. Grab a liquid with a friend! (YES, YOU! You deserve a little TLC, not fight us on this.)

No matter your season, there's a bev for you! Enjoy a brewski at Bare Arms Brewing or recharge your vita-needs at Oh My Juice. Take a pal for a good chat, a laugh, and celebrate your awesomeness. If you can, put that on repeat for a once-a-month or weekly meet-up. It's your homework. 

3. Get your car ready in shape for all the school drop offs

Just. Check. Everything. Zip her on over to China Spring Lube and Services to make sure your four wheels are good to go (think professional automotive repair and auto maintenance services). Kingdom Auto Repair is also there to lend you all the hands with your oil change, tinting, and other car-related services. They will not, however, do your nails. (But probably remove them from your tires?)

"Sup" rhymes with goop. Go all out and sup up your wagon wheel with Pick Up Outfitters - they carry a complete line of accessories for pickup trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, Vans, and work trucks. Your kids'll be begging you to drop off and pick up. 

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