Overwhelmed with all those little tasks on your list that haven’t been completed? Summer can be a great time to get those projects finished. Need some professional help? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!) Here are some local Waco businesses that are ready to give you a hand.

1. Prompt-Technology has 30+ years of combined experience in computer and networking tech so they're ready for that computer thingy you've got going on. Or for bigger projects like your security camera system - who you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters. 

Prompt Technology does both in-shop or on-site repair service on computers, printers, and other computer-related equipment. (You can come to them or they can come to you!) Not only that, but they've got your software installs, virus removal, and replacement parts covered. Need support with website design, website hosting, wired or wireless networking? They can do that too. Wi-five!

2. Take that pile of dry cleaning...to the dry cleaners! 1st Down Dry Cleaners awaits you + your collection of specialty items, sweaters, and "Oh yeahhh, I loved that [top, tie, skirt, dress, suit]. Bring it by today so the next time you reach for that garment, you'll be so glad you've already taken care of it! Go you!

3. If you missed spring cleaning, how 'bout summer? Roy Beatty Dry Cleaners and Laundry brings all kinds of things back to life AND eliminates allergens! Check your list for what might need a good clean: silks, woolens, knits, linens, cashmere, delicate fabrics, sofa/chair/cushion covers, draperies + curtains, down garments, bedspreads, quilts, blankets, electric blankets, comforters, sleeping bags, wedding gowns, evening wear, leather clothing, and costumes. Did we mention they can revive your oriental rug too? Alterations, repairs, and tailoring are also available. Knock yourself (and your to-do list) out. 

4. Let's take this outside: is your lawnmower acting up? Bring it by Central Texas Mowers. They're the family-owned and operated expert in the field of mower + small engine repair. Plus, they're crazy affordable to boot. Central Texas Mowers can help you out with your hand-held equipment:  your blowers and weed eaters, generators, water pumps, and commercial equipment like shaker plates + rollers. (If a human put it together, they can probably fix it.) Read more about this super-specialized family biz here!

5. You got windshield problems? A ding? Buggy headlights you'd like to let see the light of day? Don't be a ding dong. Let Heat Wave Glass & Window Tinting take care of you. (That's what they're known for.) This team has killer reviews of being quick, professional, and kind. Take a look at their other services while you're at it! Get. It. Done. 

6. It's getting hot in here. Been meaning to block out some of that Texas heat? Zip over to SunblocKings to stay cool when you're out and about. Check out their lift + lowering kits, custom leather interiors, and accessories beyond tinting while you wait! 

Don’t get overwhelmed! You’ll have those tedious tasks finished in no time. And, when you shop with these businesses, you’ll have the pleasure of knowing you’re contributing to your local community. You can find these spots (and others!) on Towny – the free resource that puts you in touch with your local community AND local perks.