We have the privilege, at Towny, of sitting before local business owner after local business owner from your Waco community. There are these golden moments that truly demonstrate the heartbeat, character, and grit of these local leaders. Enjoy the sampling of all they are doing for our community.


“When I first came to America in 1979, I was a janitor during the evenings in Chicago. I was an accountant in the daytime. I was the best accountant; I was the best janitor. So, when I cleaned, the factory’s restrooms were like the restrooms at the Hyatt Regency, not a factory’s bathroom. So, enjoy everything you do, because when you enjoy everything you do, you're going to do a good job.” 

Jay Pandya, Owner of Di’Amore Fine Jewelers


“You mentioned donating and volunteering - we give to so many; if you saw our donation files - we're big on schools (we can't say no), we're big on Care Net; we're big on the veterans; we're big on the animals; we're big on cancer; we just say yes because we believe it's going to come back to us. Like tomorrow, Communities in Schools - we have two interns that start with us tomorrow - school-aged kids. We're really excited about it.”

Holly Harris Stump, Co-owner of Sironia


“We definitely feel called to make money but also to give money – not to hoard it for ourselves.”

“We don’t have a great big bank account.”

“We pour it right back into the community through our employees. Through paying them really good wages and giving them insurance and stuff like that.”

“What food truck gives their people insurance?!”

“I look at here and think, ‘Wow, the Lord has used you to create something that is blessing the city but also the workers.’”

“She’s always looking for opportunities to keep on blessing, keep on giving. We want to live with an open hand.”

Abby and Omari Head, Owners of Cheddar Box and Drink

What shopping local means to us

“People choosing to shop local means a lot to us; everything. Because it's supporting us and our community, our dreams, more so than when you buy from-- I don't think people realize, how much stays in your town, how it helps your town, how it improves your town, how it builds upon your town, makes it a greater place. I mean, the difference that you're making one dollar at a time, in your town, by shopping locally – local people and local businesses.”

Martha Heard, Co-owner of Sironia  


“Every time I get somebody new on board I tell them, ‘We are not here to sell anything. I do not want you to think about selling. Selling is where the business happens, but that's not your focus. Your focus is taking care of the person walking into this store. They got off the couch, drove to our door, for a reason. Find out the reason, and solve. That is our job. We are their servants. You are not a salesperson; I am not a business owner. We are all servants, to everyone who comes to the door. That way you never have ego, “I'm somebody,”-- I'm nobody. I'm here to cater to you.’ That culture, that's evolved. That's what the whole culture is about. You never think about making a sale. Read our reviews. They say, ‘They never put any pressure on you.’ It's peaceful. When you walk into the store, it calms you.”

Jay Pandya, Owner of Di’Amore Fine Jewelers

"To me, before anything else, Baked Bliss is about a team of people serving our community. It's not the Kim Cutler show. It's about family serving the community. How do we see our team as family and how we serve, as family?"

Kim Cutler, Owner of Baked Bliss

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