Whether you need a cake for a special event or you just have a craving for a sweet treat, Lubbock’s very own bakery, Sweet Creations, is ready to meet your solid sugar needs. Sweet Creations was started by Marsha Johnson, a Lubbock local with a heart for baking and a passion for bringing that special "wow" factor to special occasions. Here, she shares the story of how she got started, her experience with owning and running the bakery, and everything else she thinks YOU should know about Sweet Creations.

What is the start-up story behind Sweet Creations?

“I actually started baking out of my home. I was doing cakes out of my house for around 18 years. Eventually my business outgrew my home, so I decided to get a storefront.

Basically my business started with family and friends, and it grew through word of mouth by my friends telling their friends and so on.

I’m glad I made the transition from home business to storefront business because I actually get a little bit of off time now. When you’re working from your home you’re constantly working, but after transitioning to a storefront I’ve been able to turn my house back into a home.”

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What do you love about baking?

“I love being able to deliver a product that the customer enjoys. I also love being a part of peoples’ occasions and celebrations. I think it’s so special to see the bride’s face when she sees her wedding cake. We do a ton of weddings, and I love that feeling of the “wow” factor when people are happy with our product.”

What have been some of your favorite moments from running Sweet Creations?

“Recently we had the opportunity to participate in a community effort. A man posted on Facebook that he wanted to do something special for his child, but he couldn’t afford to throw a party. He decided he wanted to bake a cake, but the community reached out to help and we were able to participate and bake the cake for him. It was awesome to be a part of that community experience.”

Speaking of community, what do you love about being a local business in Lubbock?

“The fact that I grew up here, and I’m known here means that I get a lot of support from my friends and people around the area. I don’t take that for granted.”

What are some of the most popular items at Sweet Creations?

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“Of course we’re known for our custom cakes. If you bring in a picture of something you want, nine times out of ten we can create it for you. We also have a special item that’s a donut sandwich. It has sausage, bacon, egg, and cheese, and it comes with a glaze. It’s one of our signature products. It’s called the Flashnifcent. I have a nephew, Marquise Goodwin, who plays for the San Francisco 49ers and they call him “Flash”. So I named the sandwich after him.”

What else should people know about Sweet Creations?

“I want people to know that we’re a small business just trying to make it. We’re a mom and pop business and we specialize in perfection. Eventually, I see us growing and being more than just this one location. I see really big things coming out of this business and I’m excited.”

With their strong customer service and delicious treats, there’s no doubt that Sweet Creations will continue to grow. They also have people like you to thank for their expansion. When you shop with local businesses, those business owners and – did you know? – your local economy benefits as well (teachers, roads, emergency services...yes!). Want to know more about the local stores and services in your area? Download Towny – your free resource for perks that make you a hero to the Lubbock business community. Get it before you go, HERE