Rebecca Fuller, owner of Cupid's Lingerie in Bentonville, used to work in medical billing. In addition to being an already stressful job in nature, Rebecca says it’s common to get laid off – as she had already been twice. But then she met Jason, and Cupid’s arrow struck her heart and set her on an entirely new path.

Jason had been managing a liquor store in Little Rock for 15 years when he and Rebecca met and began dating. Around the same time, he was recruited to open two more stores and asked if Rebecca would help him with one.

As luck would have it, Rebecca had just been laid off for the third time, and vowed it would be the last. So she bid adieu to medical billing and joined Jason at the hulls of two sister liquor stores in Little Rock.

Flash forward a few years, a marriage, and a baby. A Northwest Arkansas native, Jason had always dreamed of returning to the land he so loved. So the happy family began to pack up their Little Rock home and make their way northwest. That’s when they received an interesting proposition...


“Our friend, who owns all the Cupid's Lingerie stores in Central Arkansas, asked if we would go in with them on a new location in Bentonville,” recalls Rebecca.

They agreed.

For many couples, the scariest hurdle to overcome would be working with their spouse. Not so for the Fullers, who had already knew they had chemistry on and off the job.


“We've always worked together since the day we started dating. Not everybody can do that, but we actually do better working together. We're both workaholics so our quality time with each other is at work!

Still, Rebecca admits they face their share of difficulties, like raising a child.

“We have a five year old. That's probably our biggest thing is either Mom and Dad are both are at work or we’re working opposite each other and passing him off. He rarely gets us both at the same time.

“We’ve hired employees now, so it is getting better. When we first opened, it was just Jason and I for the first two hectic months.”

Aside from parenting while owning and running an entire store, the line of business itself presents its own misconceptions to overcome. Rebecca says a lot of people are hesitant to shop at Cupid’s because they’re nervous about how people will perceive them for doing so.

“I wish people would realize that it’s not a grody store, it’s not ‘gross sex stuff.’ It’s adding to their intimate life and making it even better. I love my older ladies that come in and tell me, ‘Oh, I like to keep my life spicy!’ They remind me that our store is actually really helpful for their marriages by giving them a little something new.

So if you have shied away from Cupid’s, what can you expect from the store? Quality. Variety. Specialty. And top of the line customer service. (Even as we wrap up our phone call, I hear Rebecca enthusiastically greet a customer who’s just entered.)


“We wanted our Cupid’s to be very upscale, boutique-ish. We want good quality. It’s going to cost a little bit more, but it’s well worth it."

“We have such a variety of lingerie, we’ve seen different stores in the community refer people to us, even Victoria’s Secret! And we do carry adult novelties too, and a lot of speciality items geared towards women with certain sensitivities."

“This community didn't have this kind of environment, so we got to bring something in a little higher scale. And everyone's loving it!”

At the end of the day, Rebecca and Jason love their shop and truly care about the experience for their customers.

“We're here at the store a lot because we want to know what our customers want and help them as much as we can. We also like to support other small businesses by selling their items in the store. Anything we can do to help others, we do. That's a big deal to us.

Maybe you're like the Fullers and want to support small businesses. Or maybe you're like some of Rebecca's favorite customers and looking to spice up your marriage. Whatever draws you to Cupid's Lingerie, don't leave behind your bow of local arrows + perks that can be found on the Towny app